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I read up quite a number of books about persuasion. Something I can share with you right now is about impression. 

If you are able to create a hook or condition that can triggers female's mind when they see something or patterns, you already achieved 50% success ...

Here are some new articles added to the Step by Step Dating Blueprint.

How to Make a Connection With a Woman - Men who are able to read the signals that women send out are less likely to be successful in getting dates than those who continue to misread these flirting signals.

The Role of Rapport in Any Interaction - Understanding how a female reacts to you can change the way you interact with women. Most men who have trouble landing dates anywhere are making the same mistake. 

2 Basic Attractiveness Traits Any Man Should Have - Most men think the problem is all about them, and sometimes they’re right. But not having the skills to pick up women should not be the main focus.

Why Women Challenge Men in Conversation - You know what usually throws men over the abyss of nerves in the dating scene? It’s the way women go at them with so many challenges during conversation.

Secrets Behind the Dating Personality of Women - There is no cookie-cutter way to interact with women, although most gurus out there would tell you otherwise. On the same note, there’s no way one pick up line will elicit the same response from the women you tell it to.


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