Here’s how I would describe myself, an average looking guy with a decent job that pays reasonably well, owns an apartment and a car. On the outset, it looks like I got a lot going for me BUT my problem is I am also very, very SHY and I just don’t know how to talk to girls. When I do manage to get a date which is few and far in between, it is an awkward affair since I’d be sitting there the entire night racking my brains thinking of ways to start and hold an interesting conversation and my date would sit there looking bored out of her senses.

I really believed that I was destined to lead a single life till I read “How to Talk to Women“. I knew that I was not making the right moves but neither do I don’t know where I went wrong. Therefore I have not the faintest idea where to begin correcting them. Reading through this book, I realized my mistakes.

Unlike many books that place great emphasis on theories, this book, “How to Talk to Women” is different. It doesn’t contain the mumbo jumbo sales talk but goes straight to address the heart of the matter. The authors definitely know what they are talking about as they guide you through the pre and post processes that you have to go through in order to be successful in your communication with women.

Being shy, I almost never initiate interaction with women. It isn’t that I fear being rejected (to a certain extend, I do) but my bigger fear is what do I do / say next if she responds positively. “How to Talk to Women” book tells me exactly how to overcome my problem. There is an entire chapter dedicated to educating guys on how to initiate interactions.

And it doesn’t stop just there; you know how women always get carried away when they start talking about themselves… Well this book teaches you how to interrupt them when they start to “ramble” and how you redirect their attention back to you. Now, have I got your attention??? And on top of that, it tells you what to do AFTER you have their attention once again. To illustrate his point, the author gives various scenarios and examples which we regularly come across in our daily life. The examples are great because we can relate to them.

What interests me is what the authors termed the “Hi Program !” This is an exercise they came up with for guys who are shy like me. This is a pretty simple exercise which also happens to be a great confidence builder. It requires the guy to say hi to, let’s say that we start with 5 women a day. That is all you need to do, guys, just say HI! to. Pretty soon, you will realize that you no longer break into cold sweat when you want to approach a woman.

Another interesting idea that is laid out in this book is that whenever you guys run out of conversation topic, simply tap into a woman’s natural curious instinct. Women by nature are curious and if you can get her curious, you’ll never have to worry about her being bored or lack of conversation.

How to Talk to Women” has improved my love life and I am certain it can make a difference in yours too. I suggest you take a look at it now.

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