The Hi and Bye ice breakers introduction is a more direct approach to getting to know a girl as with this approach you start of by showing your interest in her. It’s very risky, no doubt BUT it is also quick and in the event that the conversation doesn’t go the way you hope it would, it gives you an easy exit.

The below example illustrates how the approach works:

Imagine that you are in a hotel lobby to pick up some guest when you saw a hottie sitting on one of the lounge chairs reading a woman’s magazine.

What you’d do is: walk up to her and said, “I’m on my way out but I can’t help noticing you and not come over and say hi. My name is Steve.” She says “Hi, I’m Lisa.” And you say “I have to go but I would like to get to know you so, can we like exchange email addresses?” If she says yes, get her email and leave. If she says no, then say “Hope to see you around, Lisa.” Then leave.

In such circumstances, it’s wiser to ask for her email address rather than phone number. Women feel less threaten when giving out their email addresses to stranger as oppose to phone numbers.

Some of the situation that calls for this measure:

You are really in hurry and leaving and do not want to pass up the chance of getting to know this hot lady. You know the risk involved but then it’s either you take the risk or she’s out of your life for good. Anyway, this measure calls for a quick exit therefore the embarrassment of being turned down is a short one only.

If you are the kind of guy who is intimidated by good looking women, you definitely should opt for this measure. This is because this method limits interaction time. Limited interaction time means less talking to do; definitely for guys who don’t know how to have long conversation with women. Less talking incidentally will also lead to less chance of you screwing up the interaction.

This is also a good approach for clueless guys. By clueless, I mean guys who don’t have the faintest idea of what to say or do in the company of a girl they are interested in. This short, simple and quick method is the answer.

This technique is meant for the encounter to be over quickly ~ short and hopefully successful !