When it comes to talking with women, always remember that she should be doing most of the talking and NOT you! The whole aim here is for you to get to know her better, not vice versa; well, at least not just yet. It is best that you divulge as little information about yourself as possible in order to pique her interest in you.

Look at it this way, if you reveal too much about yourself, then you’ll lose your aura of mystery. Without appearing a little bit mysterious, you’ll lose brownie points on mystery and intrigue.

Men with these two factors going for them usually fare well with members of the opposite sex. This is because men who come off as a little mysterious are intriguing and they are stuff out of romance storybooks and women can relate to that. I mean most if not all women grew up reading Mills and Boons. The era of heroes who are tall, dark, handsome with a mysterious past and a devil may care streak in him. So, naturally, if you are someone who can remind them of such a character, you will be very appealing to these women.

If she asks you questions, where possible, give answers that do not reveal too much about yourself. Now, I’m not asking you to lie. There is a difference between lying and not spelling out too much information. Lying is wrong and should be avoided at all cost as she’s bound to find out if you both date long enough. Therefore, unless you want your lie to blow up in your face, don’t lie!