Having said that, it is also imperative that you are aware of how much time you actually have with a woman before she walks off and literally walk out of your life for good. Once you’ve determined that, you will know the urgency of the need to take a risk with her.

If you are waiting in line in a deli or queuing up for tickets when you noticed a girl, you’d only have a few minutes. That is pretty much your one and only chance and if you take your time, you are going to blow your one and only chance of securing her phone number or email address. In this kind of instances, the risks are usually high and you are required to act right away.

Interest in a girl in a party will buy you more time to make your move compared to the girl in front of you in a queue. Since she won’t be going anywhere for the next couple of hours, you’d have a few hours instead of a few minutes. Therefore, you can slowly take smaller risk instead of taking a huge risk all at once. Taking smaller risk gives you a better chance of succeeding since you take many small steps towards your goal and chances of her turning her back on you is also spread out with the risk.

The setup with the least risk is where you have a few days or weeks at the very least to make your move. Examples of those who fall into this category are the lady who works in the office on the next floor, a colleague who had been assigned to work on the same project as you are, the waitress at your regular deli, the girl who sits on the left of you during your Maths lecture. The plus point for this time frame is that time is on your side and with that you can build up a connection.