Have you ever come across men who come out tops when it comes to joking around with women? These men look like they are naturals when it comes to flirting and kidding around with women. For guys like these, interaction with women is always playful.

They ask the most outrageous questions to women, questions you wouldn’t even dream of asking and the best part is that they don’t get a slap for being outrageous! At the very least, they get a laugh or a smile in response to their outrageous question.

Now why it is that these guys have all the luck, you think to yourself? Are they born with those skills? Can I learn the skills? First and foremost, it has nothing to do with luck but everything to do with skills.

These guys have the skills to find humour in a certain situation or pick up a detail in the environment that he is sharing with the girl. He then uses the humour or detail to ask outrageous questions! It’s all about creative thinking! If it is a skill, it can definitely be learnt! May take a little time to learn but a little effort and perseverance always comes with its rewards.

Is this flirting skill necessary ?

One word sums it all… YES! WHY? Because it is going to help you smoothen out problems associated with early interaction with women. It helps to build and cement the rapport for you making the interaction fun and enjoyable.

Initial interactions are often punctuated with lots of awkward moments or silence. By possessing the skills to look at things in a humourous light helps lighten the mood making the conversation and interaction enjoyable and provides you with moments that you can revisit in the future.

Show her that you are fun to be with and you are trustworthy. Flirting with her this way brings out the playfulness in you, the part of you which is deemed as sexy by many women… men who are playful with a sense of humour! Make her realize that YOU are the guy she wants to spend time with and no other! This would make her look forward to seeing you again.

Not only will this skill put just about any women at ease with you, it also does wonders for YOU! Just think of some of the wonderful feelings you will get if a woman is at ease and comfortable with you. You would definitely feel more alive and “raring to go”, won’t you? Think about what this would do for your self-esteem…

So, why sit around and wait? Go out there and learn the skills, put it into practice and practice it all the time!

Here is an example:

You walked past a hair salon and out walked a pretty woman who had her head shaved. Feign shocked and asked her in an incredulous tone, “The hairdresser gave you such a bad hair cut that you had to ask him to shave it off?” Her response would most likely be an explanation for the bald head or just smile or laugh.

Some common place where you can practice your skills:

  • A Supermarket
  • A Restaurant
  • A Pub
  • The department store
  • In a subway / train
  • A bookstore
  • The library
  • Hair salon

Flirting is always fun and should always be fun. Its light heartedness is the magnet that draws a woman to you. When you flirt it should be spontaneous! Spontaneity is what draws women to interact with you.

Flirting creates a sort of make believe world which provides an interlude to both of you from the real world and women in general always welcome this. It gives them a break from the hum drum of her normal life.