You’ve found the object of your interest, made eye contact and you are making your way towards her. And while you are doing that, don’t forget to BREATHE ! Most times when men get excited, their breathing turns shallow and this makes their voice sound a few pitch higher and they ended up sounding squeaky and tense. Take a deep breath, heck take a few DEEP breaths! When you do that you can feel your voice coming out from deeper within your body and that gives your voice more resonance, a baritone that is sexier !

What do you say when you get there? If you are planning on using one of those infamous one liner pickup lines, think again! Pickup lines from books are so common that most women can smell it a mile away! Pickup lines sound cheesy and corny BUT if you really feel that you need a one-liner opening, then think of something original and don’t sound like you just quote it off some book. A great way to kick off a conversation with a stranger is to start with a warm and engaging smile. Smiles are infectious and it often garners the same response from the recipient.

When you do start talking, watch your tempo. Many men talked way to fast especially when they are nervous or excited, in this case, you are most likely both. This can be very distressing to the women whom you are having a conversation with. So, if you are one of those regular guys whose speech tends to pick up speed when you are excited, pause, take a deep breath before you continue addressing her. On the contrary, don’t talk too slow or you’d bore her senseless or worse, she’d fall asleep standing up !