Questions to ask when dating are very important. You need to sustain her interest by keeping the conversation interesting. You should also take this as an opportunity to get to know her better in the process. In order to do that, you’d have to ask questions that are in retrospect to her answers to your earlier questions; kind of like a follow up to a lead that she has given you.

Take note however that when you choose to pick up on a lead that she has given you, choose one that will make her relive the happy, joyous mood or romantic mood that she has experienced before in association with a certain activity. Avoid taking her down a guilt trip or relieving any unhappy event at all cost! The objective of this is to get her to associate you with happy, fun thoughts and not somber ones.

Let’s pick up where we left off from the last example:

“Traveling to New Zealand to get the bracelet isn’t actually a bad idea. I’ve heard much about its beautiful scenery but have yet to visit the country. Have you been there?”

“Nope, never been there but I’ve seen lots of pictures and the sceneries are just awesome. My friend happens to be a superb photographer and the pictures that she took were just WOW! Her pictures gave me the urge to pack my bags and head to New Zealand to see it for myself” she gushed.

“You sound like an outdoorsy type of person who loves to see what Mother Nature has to offer.” “Definitely, the smell of cool crisp air is most welcome. Not to mention the sight of vast expanse of greeneries.” Tanya says with a whimsical look in her eyes.

“You use to live in the countryside?” “No, we live in the city but pops have a cabin in the woods that overlooks a small lake. I absolutely love that place. Bring back many fond memories of my childhood.” Tanya reminisced. “Well, maybe we could both explore New Zealand together. It would be fun.” Brad said. “That sounds cool!”

Let’s digest the conversation between Brad and Tanya…

Brad picked up on her cue about traveling to NZ to get the bracelet for his sis. Noticed how his simple question on whether she has been to NZ before garnered a positive response from her. Look at how the next question enables him to gain a deeper insight on her love for nature and what prompted that love for nature and even a glimpse into her childhood.

It is very obvious from the train of conversation that she is comfortable with him and her answers are pretty much spontaneous and reflects her thoughts at that point in time. Sensing that she is at ease with him, he proceeded to “invite” her to go for a trip to NZ with him.

An important thing to note when you are asking deepening question is to control the direction of the conversation and ensure that the course of the conversation stays favorable to you. If at any point, you sense that the conversation is going to head south, steer it back on course. If that is not possible, look to exit the conversation.