Casually touching a woman during the course of conversation breeds intimacy, this is best done over a shared joke. Lightly touch on her on her elbow when you are both laughing over a joke or when you lean in to whisper to her ear. If you are unsure of how her reaction would be, you can start with “accidental” brush of her arm when you lean over in a pretext to pick something which is near to her. Do it subtly and act as if it’s a very natural thing to do.

Touching creates intimacy and by touching her you creating the intimate atmosphere. However don’t overdo the touching or she may take you as another one of the opportunistic guys!


Whispering if used to good effect works wonders in your conversation and interaction with women. Whispering intimates that both of you are either sharing a private conversation or a joke. While whispering, you’ll need to lean in towards her too and this allows you to move in within her comfort zone without making her feel threaten.

Whispering is great if you do it once or twice but any more than that, it’ll lose its magical feel and the effect is lost on her! One more thing, when you whisper, don’t speak as if you have a bad sore throat and expect her to get turn on by your supposedly throaty voice!