This sort of situation seems like a nightmare at the time, but is really quite easy to handle once you know how!

The secret here is to play her at her own game. Get her well warmed up with the techniques covered in the WARM-UP LEVEL.
Then suddenly go back to the techniques in the CHAT-UP LEVEL.
Plus, avoid any touching or any mention of sex. In other words cool things right down.

Now, believe me, this puzzles EVERY girl. Because she’s not used to a man turning cold on her. (The way she sees it, that’s a girl’s choice.) When you do this, she will think either of two things , both of which will DRAW HER TOWARDS YOU:

1. She will think you are ‘not up to the job’ when it comes to sex. This gives her a feeling of power and confidence. If she fancies you she’ll make it her aim to seduce you. If she doesn’t, the wicked side of her nature will tempt her to see how you perform. Whichever way she plays it you’ll end up with the result you want!

2. She will think that she’s not attractive enough for you. In this case she’ll try even harder to make herself attractive and make it even easier for you to move on to the next step …

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Special thanks to Kevin Gaynor for his valuable contribution

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