Small fact to boost your success rate in picking up girls

Perhaps you have browse the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. It had been written by relationship counselor John Gray. Yes, it is a fact women tend to be more emotional, we can not help it as they were born this way, however i know very well what your saying. Yes, its a scientific proven fact that females and males truly are different.

The mistake comes in when men believe women see the world the same way they do. Women are designed differently. They have to be, in order to care for children! After all, babies can’t talk. They can only communicate through empathy. So women naturally have to be more attuned to their emotional state to provide for their offspring. When women talk, they exchange emotions and feelings.

Another thing to remember is that girls just aren’t the same as men ! OK, so you knew that . But what you probably don’t know and what you’ve probably never even thought about is just HOW DIFFERENT THEY ARE .

For most men a dream date is a girl with stunning looks, a fantastic figure and who’ll be eager to give him as much mind – blowing sex as he could handle. If she’s got a nice personality that’s a bonus , but it’s not the main thing. Am I right ?

For most girls, this is COMPLETELY & UTTERLY DIFFERENT . Her dream date is a man who will compliment her, love her and make her feel secure. Sounds old-fashioned ?-but it’s TRUE. Of course girls do think about looks and sex, but they are MUCH MUCH further down their list of priorities than they are for men. She’d much rather have a man who is nice to be with and loving than one who is aggressive and cold , no matter how good looking he is.

I like to compliment women on their personality. Some of the main things I like to compliment are: a positive mental attitude, having high self-esteem, being happy, being confident, and being outgoing.

There is a double benefit about complimenting girls on these things, because when you notice them and you compliment girls on them, they are more likely to do the good stuff you’ve mentioned. You are creating your own dream girl, in effect.

Now be warned . This is where most men slip up. SO NEVER EVER FORGET THIS — On first approach a straightforward suggestion of sex leaves the vast majority of girls stone cold. This also applies to things non-verbal. First impressions are vital and if the first thing you do is mention sex, touch her , or get caught looking down her cleavage then she will conclude that you are not for her . REMEMBER – it’s what she is looking for that MATTERS TO HER. Go in like a sex-starved rottweiler with your tongue hanging out and sex on your mind and you are almost certain to be rejected . On the contrary if her first impression of you is someone that is likely to offer her love and affection and care she’ll be very interested indeed .

So the most important secret of success with girls is to GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS not what you think she wants !!