Here are a few opening lines which really do work. Try them and see!

Do you know Jane/Sam? Or, better still :
How well do you know Jane/Sam?
Where’s Jane tonight.?
I saw Jane/Sam last night. She/he told me all about you
Are you Jane.? (Make up a name if you have to )
Are you Jane’s sister?
How long have you known …. .
That’s a great hair style!
That’s a great dress!

That’s a nice watch/necklace/unusual earrings!
That smells nice (her perfume) It’s …. I think. (Try and guess what it is! )
Someone told me you live near ….
Didn’t I see you in …… last week?
Didn’t you used to work in …. .?
Didn’t you used to go out with ….? .
So what’s going on in Accounts at the moment?
I’d rather be ….
Who’s your favourite “…. ?
What’s it like in ….. .?
What’s John Smith like to work for ?
Do you like ….. ?
Have you heard about ….. (Something that has happened today.)
How are you today? (1 know everybody says this anyway but it works well if you sound like you really mean it AND make her tell you!)

If it doesn’t work first time keep trying with a couple of other questions, or a couple of different subjects. But don’t forget – LISTEN more than you talk. If you do this you can make sure you’re talking about what she wants rather than what you want – making it very difficult for her not to get chatting to you!

Special thanks to Kevin Gaynor for his valuable contribution