The work situation is a very good place to pick up – assuming you work with sufficient numbers of attractive girls. If you haven’t already make sure you do the rounds of all the suitable girls at work. Usually, the easiest ways for getting to know a girl you fancy are to show an interest in what she does, or ask her for help with your work. If you can’t – ask her to do you some kind of FAVOR – such as that bit of photocopying or picking you up some sandwiches when she goes to the shop.

Recently I found that companies always organize quarterly team building event. The objective is for the employee to know each other well and to promote team work. Make sure you attend this type of event and it is really an easy way to meet more people.

However, there’s another saying that states “Don’t Eat and Shit at the Same Place”. I do agree with it partially and I do not like my girl friend to work in the same department with me. Some how it seems like lost of privacy. But if you decided not to stay in the same company long enough, it is not an issue.

Another good idea is to go for a PART TIME JOB. Here you’ll meet girls as CUSTOMERS not colleagues. A lot of them find that bit of power over you very attractive!. Good jobs to take are in pubs, clubs, shops and petrol stations. Check the place out before you apply to make sure it attracts sufficient talent.

Here’s a video that I feel REALLY FUNNY and I hope you don’t be like this guy. I think he is chasing the customer away …