If you’re used to going everywhere by car you’re making a BIG mistake. I don’t know any man who’s pulled while driving. But what about trains, buses and just walking down the street. Here’s an opportunity to meet THOUSANDS of eligible girls .

But don’t use this method when it’s dark and the streets are empty, which can be threatening. The best times are when it’s BUSY – then she’ll feel safe and a lot happier about being chatted up. It’s also easier for you. What better excuse do you need to sit next to AND TALK TO a girl than to ask if the seat next to her is free ? Other good excuses include asking ‘Can you tell me the way to … wherever?’ or even just ‘I think I’m lost!

Today, I will be listing some of the most valuable tips that you can use to meet girls while you are out and about.

  • First of all, it is important to be presentable at all times. If you plan to approach someone, you should at least look neat and decent.
  • It is important to make sure that the girl is on her own. It will be a disaster if she happens to be with her boyfriend. You do not like to start an unnecessary commotion, right?
  • Have the courage to approach the girl you are attracted to. Yes, this requires bravery. Just go for it and have the confidence to initiate a small talk. It is also important to not hesitate for a long time or you might end up regretting your indecisiveness when she walks out of the bus or train.
  • If you have a seat and the girl is standing up because the bus or train is pretty crowded, you can offer her your seat. This is a great chance to start a conversation with her, also, this is what gentlemen do. 
  • Keep the conversation light and simple. You need to remember that you two are strangers and if you keep on asking about personal things, you will sound creepy and may look like a stalker.
  • Never make her feel uncomfortable. Since you are a stranger to her, you should not do things that will make her feel uneasy.
  • If possible, make her laugh. A lot of girls love guys with great sense of humor. This will make you more  look attractive and charming.
  • Don’t forget about good body language. You should always smile, look approachable while maintaining eye contact.
  • Learn to listen with what she has to say. Do not get distracted by the things around you. Show the girl that you are interested in your topic of conversation.
  • Get her number. If you have done things the right way, then a “yes” is not impossible to get.

Picking up girls in buses, trains or streets is trickier than in other private places. However, if you know exactly what to do, then there is really nothing to worry about. Just follow the tips above and see for yourself what wonders they can do.

Special thanks to Kevin Gaynor for his valuable contribution