Bars, coffee shops and movie theaters are just some of the most common places to meet women. While these places are great, did you know that there are so many more awesome locations and activities to go to and experience if you are single and ready to mingle?

Volunteering activities

Aside from being able to help other people, volunteering can also be a great way to meet women. There are a lot of amazing volunteer activities that are fun. This is like killing to birds in one stone, right? You are able to help while meeting other kind-hearted individuals as well.

Wine-tasting events

While this may not be very popular, it is actually a very good place to meet women. Just make sure that you have at least done a little research about the drinks. You can use your knowledge of wine to start a great conversation.

Concerts and music festivals

If you share the same taste in music with the woman you are eyeing, then it’s a good starter for a conversation. While enjoying the music, there is also a good chance that you will bump into the girl of your dreams. Just enjoy it, dance around without being too creepy.

Museums and art galleries

It is time to unleash your inner love for art. Museums and art galleries are very nice places to meet classy and sophisticated women. Most of the time, those who frequent museums are well-traveled too. So, if you want to meet someone with these characteristics, then it is time to schedule a museum tour.

Sports centers

Not only can you score, but you can get fit too! If you’re good at a particular sport then watching you rarely fails to impress most girls. If you’re not into sports, take one up. And it’s best if it’s one where you can play with girls such as tennis, badminton, swimming, martial arts, even aerobics etc. This is something a lot of girls find quite attractive.

Dog park

Another awesome way to meet women is by bringing your dog for a walk. If you are lucky enough, your dog may even start playing with the girl you find attractive in the park.

Evening Classes, Clubs and Societies etc.

Yes! Evening classes are good hunting grounds. They usually have more girls than men and it’s a good atmosphere for getting to know people easily. See what’s going on in your area and try some classes out. You can easily leave if there’s not enough talent on offer. It’s best to go on enrollment night and join the most promising looking class.

The same applies to local clubs and societies-such as drama clubs etc.-except it’s harder if you are not actually interested in what’s going on!

Dance classes

Do you have the flair for dancing? If yes, then you can enroll in a dancing class. In this type of class, chances are, there are more women in attendance as opposed to men. You can use this, of course, to your advantage. If you are lucky enough, you might even be paired up with the woman you like. If you have chemistry, then it will be very easy to ask her out on a date.

Yoga classes

The men to women ratio in Yoga classes is just one of the reasons why this is a good place to meet a potential romantic partner. Also, these classes are frequented by a lot of beautiful women. Although, you have to remember that Yoga is considered a spiritual and serious activity so it is important to be considerate. How about approaching the girl you like after the class?

The Shops

Didn’t you know that shopping can be a pick-up opportunity? Well, a recent survey said that supermarket late-night shopping sessions attract mostly single people – with Wednesday being the big night! Offer to do your mum’s and granny’s shopping too – it could be a lot more exciting than you think. Girls are VERY attracted to men who are big enough to do things that are considered girl’s work.


Personally, I like to meet girls in bookstores. Maybe due to my reading hobby. I found it easier to approach girls and talk about books without much resistance. My favorite technique is to ask for opinions and advice. It may seems silly and “old”, but it works.

Social media site

While this is not an actual place per se, it is still a very good platform to meet women. You can  use your connections in your social sites such as Facebook and Twitter to widen your social network.

These are just some of the best places and activities to meet women. The trick is to just go out, bask under the sun, mingle and enjoy every minute of it.