You may actually be quite surprised to learn how much the questions that you ask yourself will affect you. What you ask yourself WILL directly affect your self-esteem and confidence therefore increasing your anxiety when faced with approaching a woman.

We’ll start by addressing the first statement.

“She’s too pretty for me”

First of all, maybe she is and maybe she’s not… it’s up to her to decide and you to find out. And besides, haven’t you ever seen an absolutely stunning girl with a guy that looks like he is no where near her standards?

And second:

When you make a statement like this to yourself, you are telling yourself your look far less attractive then her. When you do this, you will believe this statement and act accordingly to it.

She will pick up on the fact that the way you perceive yourself is lower to her, therefore affecting your chances of scoring a date which will most likely cause more anxious feelings.

So let’s work on a line here that you can replace this statement with.

Here is a good one for you to replace it with;

“She’s very attractive, in fact almost as good looking as me”

Ok, I know this can be quite a cocky little line to use. But you are only saying it to yourself, not out aloud.

By using this statement to yourself when a pretty little “bird” enters the room or the bus stop or where ever you may be at the time, you are placing yourself in the same category as her. Or maybe just a smidgen above, just to be a little more cheeky 😉

She will pick up on this, and put you in “her league”. And lucky for you guys, women are a bit of a sucker for a guy who can be a little cocky and show confidence.

Ok, let’s now address statement number 2

“I’m not good enough for her”

Again, that is for her to decide and for you to find out . Besides, once you talk to her a little you might be the one cutting the conversation short because you might not even like the girl.

When you tell yourself a statement like this, you are telling yourself that she is a much better person then you are. And of course when you truly believe this you will act this way towards her, causing you to feel more anxiety then need be.

And women, they are pretty smart people. They can pick up on it when you put yourself in that lower category. Your body language pretty much SCREAMS “I’m not worthy of you, your royal heiress”

Let’s be straight here. Especially if this is a woman you have just met, what could possibly make you think that she is of such high superiority to you? We’re all unique and we all come with our good points and our bad points. Nobody’s perfect, and if we all were, don’t you think that would make life a little on the boring side? 😉

So what’s a better statement to replace this line with?

How about this one;

“She seems to have a lot going for her, but I might be able to give her a running for her money”

Yes, a bit cocky again, but you are still acknowledging her good points to yourself while also reminding yourself that you sure have some good qualities too!

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