What can happen once you actually approach a woman, start talking to her and is that you might go blank for a second and might start getting negative thoughts. When you haven’t had time to prepare yourself and all else is failing, go for diversion tactics.

The last thing you want is for an anxious or negative thought to enter your mind. You know you’re doomed as soon as you start thinking, “She’s too good for me” or “She is way out of my league”

As soon as you allow your anxious thoughts to enter your mind, you’re likely to experience the anxious symptoms of racing heart beat, hard to breathe, lump in throat, stuttering, flustered, racing thoughts, butterflies in your stomach.

All the things you don’t want to experience because you want to have a good chance of taking things further with this woman. These symptoms are not only irritating and feel unpleasant but they are also holding you back from enjoying the moment and getting everything you possibly can from it.

So what do I exactly mean by diversion tactics? I mean distracting your mind, changing your thinking, what ever it takes to prevent any negative or anxious thoughts to enter.

It takes time to learn this trick, but once you can master it, it can save your backside in a lot of anxiety building situations. Not just approaching women.

So what kind of stuff can you do to distract your mind from thinking negative thoughts?

Diversion Tactics you could use:

  • Chew gum
  • Suck on candy
  • Place something in your hands to play with
  • Sing a song you know off by heart in your head
  • Recite the alphabet in your head
  • Put all of your concentration into doing just one thing, and solely one thing
  • Create a difficult sum in your head and try figure out the answer
  • Think of what you got to do next week at work
  • Think of a funny joke you love
  • Try to remember what you did last Tuesday

It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it isn’t an anxious or negative thought! That will only make you feel worse, and self doubt yourself, you don’t want to do that!