Obviously, you are likely aware that exercise is good for you. But are you also aware that exercise can also help reduce anxiety and depression?

And of course it does all those other things, like gives you more energy, helps you sleep better, makes your heart stronger, helps your circulation, increases your lung capacity expand, makes your muscles stronger etc. etc.

Now there are 4 main types of exercises.

These groups are:

Endurance exercise: This is the type you mostly want to focus on. It’s the one that helps reduce your anxiety, and is also good for depression, heart, lungs etc. You don’t have to do a lot of it for it to be of benefit for you. Just light intensity of a walk for 10 minutes each day will help.

Strength Exercise: This is the type that builds muscles. So if you want to get a figure like Van Damme use this 😉

Balance Exercise: This is mostly for older people, to help prevent them from falling down. I believe one of the exercises that they do is standing on one leg briefly. (Thought I’d just let you know that out of interest)

Flexibility Exercise: This is mostly stretching type exercises

The main one you want to focus on is the endurance exercise and maybe the strength exercise. That will lift a lot of anxiety and also build self-esteem. If you’re the type of guy who always likes to go that extra mile, then go the whole mile and get that gym membership for that mean looking six pack.

Otherwise just 10 minutes a day of walking can help do the trick. Maybe you could even offer the woman you are about to meet up with, if she’d like to go for a walk with you along the beach – that’s a sexy idea.

Or you could just ask her if she wanted to do a few laps around your backyard. Ok ok, she might think you’re a little strange if you asked her to do that. But I’d probably find you interesting, and rather entertaining.