Planning your conversations, where were we? That’s right, getting out the pen and paper and planning what you will say, starting with your greeting.

Depending on how well you know this woman, will depend greatly on how you will greet her. But it’s always my policy to try coming up with something creative if I can. (This is usually what I use when making new friends, and is a big reason as to why I have so many). It’s good to keep it interesting, unique.

Once you have sorted your greeting (just a little side note on that you could throw in a wink, or wiggle your eyebrows, this denotes how confident you are to her, and as I keep saying women love confidence), then work out a few other things you might want to ask her.

Write out a few questions that you think might spark her interest, and write out a story or two about yourself that you would like to share with her.

You don’t have to write it down if you don’t want to, you can just run it over in your mind. But it’s actually proven to help you remember more and imprint it into your mind, that writing it out and then reading and re-reading it, is far more effective. You are much less likely to forget then.

If you’re unsure of what stories you would like to tell, I can give you a few pointers to get you on your way. I usually stick with something that’s a little humorous, even if it’s a little embarrassing n my side of the fence.

Often when you hear a story it usually can trigger a memory of similar value to tell a story on similar lines.

Questions will also give you a good understanding and feel for the person (woman in your case) that you want to get to know. And people truly love talking about themselves.

Personally I think speaking about the “weather” is a bad topic. It’s usually what people ask or talk on when they can’t think of anything else to say. Besides it’s a little over used.

I’m not saying to stay away from all types of “common” questions. You need to ask common questions in order to learn new things about someone.

In fact, I’ll even give you a list of good common questions to ask (so you can get to know her even more and I’ll give you a list of not so common questions that you could ask her that may spark some excitement rather than the excitement of what common questions bring.