Have you ever approached a girl, got her attention and then had nothing to say? That can be a big braw back because silence and awkward moments will NOT help you get anyone’s phone number.

That’s is why planning for your conversations in advance will help greatly to stop your mind from drawing a blank, your words coming out wrong and stuttering. And when you can eliminate those ailments you should feel much less anxious.

Now, if you know you are meeting a woman that you are attracted to, whether it be for a date, or at work or at the gym or where ever (as long as you know you will be seeing/meeting this woman) then you have the greatest advantage by pre planning your conversations in advance.

Before you meet up, or even approach a woman for a first time. It’s a good idea to be prepared and have lots of stuff to talk about (this does not mean you have to be blabbing all the time, listening can do wonders)

Also, try not to stall in your approach because the longer you leave your approach and stand around admiring her or allowing nasty thoughts enter your mind, the more anxious you will be when you finally approach her.

So you want to make sure the moment you see her, you walk straight up to her and greet her. That way you hardly give your mind a chance to think of something negative or anxious.

When you do approach her, it is also very important to make eye contact. I know a lot of the reason why people don’t make eye contact is because they’re shy or anxious.

Also check your posture. Make sure you are standing up straight; shoulders back head up (unless you need to look down to see her of course). This will show you have a lot of confidence. And women are suckers for a confident man.