Ok, now for statement number 3

“Everyone’s going to laugh at me for trying”

Now with this statement, you’re not only running yourself down to the ground but you are also under the assumption that all your mate’s think that you’re a loser too. And you definitely do not want to give that vibe to your mates.

I’m sure there are plenty out there that given the opportunity to tease you at your expense will. I guess it’s just one of those guy blokey type things 😉 . But don’t give them that pleasure. If you give them any self doubt they just might make it that bit harder for you when you do go to approach her.

So a better line for you to say to yourself would be;

“The guys sure are going to be jealous when I score a date with this beauty”

Oh, did I forget to mention I am an aussie woman? ;-P. So if I sneak in a few jargon words, you know where it’s coming from <grins>

Yes, yet again a bit cocky, but hey no-one else can hear it, and the self esteem and confidence boost will be really worth it!

The more reassuring statements/questions you ask yourself the less anxious you will feel when you do approach her.

Ok, on to this one.

“Why would she even be interested in me?”

Well the first thing I’d like to ask you here is why not? Do you have a twin out there with your exact same personality that she happens to already know and spend time with?

The fact is, we all bring something different to everyone’s lives, and something that no-one else can give. Of course to get her initial attention you need to come up with something crafty. But right now we are just focusing on taking away the anxious sensations when you approach women.

The truth is, if you don’t think you’re interesting, then why she should she?

So let’s work on a better line to ask yourself.

“She seems like an interesting woman, and I’m sure I can interest her with a few of my qualities”

Now you’re telling yourself you think she is quite interesting, but also reminding yourself that you too have some great qualities that you can share with her in return.

And you DEFINITELY do, because there is no-one else out there like you!

And for the final statement

“She could do far better than me”

Ok then, you better put your tail between your legs and waddle on home then. I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’m just kidding. Must be that dry humour in me?

And let’s think for a moment, there are billions of men on this planet and I’m sure many of them are “better” than you. So statistically, this is true. And if that is true, than any woman can do better than you.

This all makes mathematical sense, but is complete stupidity when it comes to relationships.

When it comes to relationships: How can she do better then you? You are unique. There is NO-ONE at all that is the same as you on this planet. You may share some similar traits with others, but no-one else comes close to being just like you.

So what would be a better statement to replace with this one?

“She will never meet anyone just like me”

Its dam true isn’t it?

There really isn’t anyone like you. And that’s what makes you unique and interesting!

REMEMBER: The way you question yourself will have a direct impact on the way you feel and will reflect on the way you will behave and present yourself.

It’s extremely important you change your self questioning to positive statements in order to make you feel more confident which will directly effect how anxious you will feel when you approach a woman.