Question :

I have just started a university course as a mature age student (I’m 24) and am wondering how I can use this as an advantage to meet women… how to pickup women, too.

There are lots of younger girls there and I feel I have an advantage as I have been living in the “real world”, having left school a while ago. In other words, I have plenty of experience!

How can I make dates with these women at lectures and classes to get the most success ?

How can I make it equally casual and exciting? (I don’t want a girlfriend, just some fun!)


My Comments :

Today, I have my good buddy – Carlos Xuma to answer this question. Here you go, Carlos.

When you ask “How to Pickup Women,” you’re also asking a bigger question about how to communicate your confidence. When we say “pickup,” we really mean “flirt and attract.” And hopefully get her number and more later on.

The answer is really about what you’ve acquired in terms of real world experience and maturity that you can bring to the table. With any luck, you’ll have a better display of confidence and Alpha Power than most of the leg-humping monkeys at your university.

You’re going to have a lot easier time of it on campus if you use your confidence like a badge of power.

The first step in learning to pick up women is to project your confidence to women.

If you can sit anywhere, sit next to the women you’re interested in. Express a confident but casual interest in them.

You can do this by asking to borrow a highlighter or an eraser occasionally, or even asking her what time it is. This lets her know that you’re not just hitting on her, and she’ll begin to wonder. Over time, you’ll cultivate an air of mystery.

Use your body language to let them know that you’re not intimidated by her – or on the prowl.

The easiest way to show this casual interest is to not face a woman directly. When you approach straight on, it sends a far different message than if you look over your shoulder at her. Try it and you’ll start to see what I mean. Play with your posture so that you convey a certain aloof distance.

Your goal when you learn how to pickup women is to communicate (without words) that you’re a self-confident and secure man, because this will be translated into her subconscious mind as:

“He’s good with women, and he’ll be good with me sexually. He knows what he’s doing.”

Another advantage of your environment is that you know you’ll see these women around campus, so there’s no need to rush.

Take your time.

Build up a little sexual tension, and use time to your advantage. Most guys are rushing along, where you know you can let a few meetings sink in and work for you.

Something to consider is that campus life is very high-visibility. Use this to your advantage.

First of all, make sure you’re seen with many women.

I can hear you now… “What? Won’t this turn her off from me? She’ll think I’m a player!”

Uh, no.

This is the fact about women that most guys never learn. Being seen around many women will actually raise the curiosity factor for the other women who see you.

You’ll want to escalate and get phone numbers. Be careful of looking too eager by calling women too quickly. Your best strategy is to let them see you a few times in a class before calling her. That way you can play up the hard-to-get factor so that she’ll be wondering when you’ll call her.

Women in college are the best candidates for what you’re looking for: FUN. They’re not looking to get tied down (most, anyway), and they are also more liberated from social expectations if they’re living away from home.

These women are also still building their sexual experience and self-esteem, which means they are most responsive to the techniques I teach you in my programs. Remember, women want sex as much as men do. They just have better self control at showing it.

Use the library, the gym, and any parties to your advantage. There’s so much social activity going on there, you’re going to have trouble deciding which woman gets your attention. Think: ABUNDANCE.

And make no excuses to any woman there who tries to play you with her test questions about “Are you a player” or “Who else are you seeing?” etc. You’re going to need to prepare answers to many of their test questions in advance so that you can be ready.

Remember that women are just as competitive as men are in certain areas. One of them is competing for the most socially desirable men. Half the work when you learn how to pickup women is HER responsibility to be receptive so she can find out more about you.

Good luck… I envy you! To be able to go back to school with experience and having this information working for you and your game…

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