Question :

I’m working in a retail outlet in the local shopping mall where hundreds of walk-in customers come in everyday (women especially).

How do you think is the best way for me to capitalize on this position I’m in to approach the women there without seeming to upfront?


My Comments :

Dude, you have LOTS for you going on here. So make FULL USE and LEVERAGE on your position over there.

Apart from being a good/responsible employee, try to become the customer’s FRIEND. Big difference there.

Serve them well, get them comfortable interacting with you.

Obviously the first step for you is to get their name. It’s perfectly normal for you as a sales person to know your customers and the name’s the obvious way to go.

Once you’ve been talking to them for a while, 3-5 minutes, ask for contact details eg. email / phone number. Let them know WHY you need them perhaps you’d like to contact them when you have new stuff arriving at your store and you can be the first person to let them know about it.

Consider it an ‘insider’ update to them. Let them know the benefits they’re getting just for knowing you. Do it in a way that you’re just a normal guy who gets job satisfaction seeing ‘friends’ happy 🙂

Sort of “fish bowl” technique, get what I mean?

It’s all about natural, subtle game.

So when you call them to inform about new stock arrivals (they don’t necessarily have be new, just make them up along the way), introduce yourself first and get them to remember who you are.

Then, after telling them about the stocks, include small talk.

There’s many ways to go about this. Example:

You: “Hey, know what.. there are several types of colors for this dress. Personally I feel, you looks great in the white one. Just like the one you wore the day you came in.

Her: You remembered?

You: How couldn’t I?

Her: *inner* smile.

You can take it from there … you get the drift…

Guys.. any fly ideas to help out our bro here?..