This is an interesting question submitted by a reader and I would like to get some opinions from you.

Question :

Right now I like a girl, and I think that she likes me too. I was just wondering if I should go for the kill or play hard to get and pretend not to notice her.

My Comments :

If she likes you, you already win half the battle. Why waste time playing hard to get game with her ?

Just did a simple test her whether she likes you or not.

If it is positive, just turn her into girl friend.

To test her, here are a few simple strategies …

  • Whenever you ask her out for a date, dinner, or movie will she accept it always ? or find ways to reject the date ?
  • When you tell her something will she always agree ?
  • Maybe you can ask her what type of guy she is looking for ? Has she found one ?

Guys, if you have other thoughts, I would appreciate you post your reply here and help our readers …