Heard the bad boys attraction audio a while ago and it’s opened my eyes to what’s possible and not possible with women. I’ve never perceived dating in such a way and it’s something which I’m quickly begin to see how it’s been working to catch women’s curiosity and attention.

I’m curious on your thoughts on how dates should be like to keep the energy going and not be boring? For example, where should be bring them, what to do, etc. Thanks for your time and loving your newsletters, it has been a positive inspiration to me to aim for the sky with women!

Keep ’em coming!”


>>> My Answer :

Great to be of service Bryan. But yea, most guys either make it or break it during a date and it should be something which HAS to be paid attention closely by guys.

The typical idea of a first date places with a woman :

  • Go for drinks.
  • Then to the movies.
  • A walk in the park.
  • Then home and (hope) for the kiss or ‘lay (depending on how horny he is that night).

No, no no!

Those are dating stuff you see on TV but in REAL-LIFE it just doesn’t work… why??

Because it’s so freakin’ BORING.


Obviously there are exceptions but nope it just doesn’t cut it for me. Your goal is to be different from the pack, from the other guys who are ‘competing’ for her.

So PLAN it differently.

Think about it.

You only have one chance when you’re out on a date with a woman and that’s it!

One chance.

If you ‘performed’ badly, there’s no chance in hell she’ll agree to go out with you again.

And mind you, model-looking girls get asked out on dates VERY OFTEN so if you blow it, that’s it.

And that’s life, don’t complain, just learn how to DEAL with it.

Ok, so what should you do?

Simple – just remember these first date tips :

  1. Make it very, VERY clear to her that you’re auditioning her (do it in a FUNNY way, NOT arrogant!), that you’re the selector and you’re just testing to see whether she’s WORTH spending your precious time
  2. How? Play it cool, you don’t have to laugh as hard at her jokes, give her the impression as if this is just a friendly outing but when she messes up, TELL HER that she’s messing up her chances with you. Make it seem like you’re still QUALIFYING her throughout the night
  3. Don’t EVER go to movies on your first date. Think of things the both of you can DO together, something which involves physical activities ie. playing a game of pool (if she doesn’t know how, you can teach her and its an EXCELLENT way for you flirt with her ‘physically’, go go-carting, water-skiing, etc… activities that are EXCITING rather than just ‘talking’…

Stop thinking too much & assume that you can do no wrong and just have a good time with her

Feel free to talk about sex (my favorite), women, men, relationships but make them funny, nothing serious please…

Topics for first date conversation

  • Be creative and observe people around you, make funny comments about them;
  • Guess what’s going on with the couples around you, character guessing ie. that guy on the other table is a needy wuss just by looking at his stares at her chest.
  • Tell exciting stories of weird past relationship experiences & laugh about them, etc…

Throughout the date, use the ‘kino’ to amp up the sexual tension (this almost ALWAYS works) – it’s shown in detail within AWT Advanced Deluxe Course.

If she accidentally touches you, give her the biggest ‘Oh my Goddd! You did NOT just fondle me?!!”

NEVER NEVER ask what she thinks of you or whether you’re her type (because you don’t care! This is one mistake that is constantly repeated on the MTV show “Wanna come In”… dorks.

Leave your cell phone on. When you have calls coming in, feel free to chat but not for too long. This shows that you’re one happening dude who’s easily likeable by people around you. You get the drift.

Stop having ANY expectations of the date. If you do that, you’ll naturally look as if you’re trying to do things to gain her approval – DON’T! As long as you’re there to really a good time, you’ll do just fine – trust me.

In a nutshell, do the right things and she’ll be DYING to call you and see you again.

I’d like to add that there’s another thing you must NEVER do when you’re going after a girl.

Your goal as always during the dating game is NEVER to let her know that you like her. Even if you REALLY do.


Isn’t it true that most, if not ALL attractive women usually get what they want ALL the time?

Because of their beauty (or body), guys will normally let their lust (horniness) take over their minds, even when they clearly know that it’s not the wisest thing in the world to do.

They’ll become weak and desperate for her, and suck up to her. They can act all bratty, cook up with ridiculous demands and basically do anything they want, and yet the guys will STILL ‘give in’ and submit to them (wuss behaviour).

Because the moment she knows that you like her, she’ll be in control, and she’ll know it instantly – because she has done it and seen it happen many times.

She’ll know that you’re desperate for her and she’ll have the upper hand.

Most guys like a girl and then does real obvious stuff that clearly shows that they like and want her.

He’ll buy her flowers, take her for grand expensive dinners, she asks for something, he gladly gives, etc…

Taking out money, spending on her BEFORE you even know whether she’s ‘worth’ it is no different than ‘buying’ her affection, no?

These are also obvious signs that shows you’re into her & you’re doing everything you can to suck up to her with the HOPE that you she’ll be ‘touched’ by your kind gestures and she’ll fall madly in love with you…

It doesn’t work that way.

What’s missing from the equation is what I term “sexy communication”. Communication, interaction, body language, vibes and connections that appeals to her… SEXUALLY.

(If you want to master this art of “sexy communication”, then I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND you listed to these CDs. EXCELLENT stuff there!):

Carlos Xuma’s Alpha Man Conversation and Persuasion

Submit to her, and you’ll be like any other guy out there who’s trying to hit on her every single day.

Think about it, she’s already IMMUNE to all these lame techniques. What makes YOU different then?

You’ll be playing to HER game when it should be the OTHER way around.

Remember, be BOLD and UNIQUE in your approach.

Stand out.

Differentiate yourself from the rest, once you have shown even the slightest interest in her, it won’t be as ‘exciting’ to her anymore.

Ask any girl and they’ll tell you that one of the best times they have in any relationship is during the ‘courting’ stage.

The courting stage can be a very pleasurable experience for them because by you trying all you can to get her attention and get HER, it automatically AROUSES her emotions and makes her feel on top of the world.

Because you’re ‘prizing’ her, you put her up there on a pedestal, you’re doing all it takes to impress her.

In your eyes, she’s your object of DESIRE.

Sure it’s fun for them to feel that way, but let me tell you, it can be a real NIGHTMARE for you at this stage.

When you put the girl on a pedestal and kiss ass, she’ll immediately feel as if SHE’S in control, and that SHE’S the selector.

In actual fact, YOU should be the one who has to be in control, and IS the selector, and NOT the other way round.

As a hot-blooded guy, our goal is to get the girl that we want with MINIMAL effort, time and money and NOT go through all the heart-aches and sleepless nights thinking of whether she likes us or not.

Talk to you soon.

Your Friend,

David Kwan