Dude I have a question, hope you could help me out here. I recently bumped into one of my old flames was like 3 weeks ago and she’s looks smoking HOT now!!

We talked and catch up on the past and dear god I think I’m falling for her again!! I’m thinking of getting back together with her again, any idea how I can do this??

Your advice will be greatly appreciated!

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Aaah common question. Well admittedly this is not my area of ‘expertise’ bro but I do know of a resource that’s out there right now I’m sure would help.

I’ve seen it, and I must say the info there is DETAILED AS HELL!

It’s much more comprehensive and I’ve been getting quite a lot of favorable reviews from guys who have used it with some pretty amazing success stories!

Well, if you’re serious in getting your ex gf back, you DEFINITELY MUST get it, it’s step-by-step stuff and basically covers EVERYTHING you need to know about getting her back…

It’s written by Mia Summers who’s a full-time expert in this topic.

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Ok, let me ramble a bit on what Mia’s thought over this …

Mia pointed out 3 principles of successful dating and relationships.

Do you break any of the principles when your ex girl friend breaks up with you ?

Let’s revisit…

Dating Principle #1:

“Men and women are different.”

A hugely simple statement – duh – but sooo profound. You can’t treat women like men. You can’t assume that women think like you. You can’t even talk to women like you talk to guys. If you’re going to make any connection at all with a woman, you need to understand how she’s different from you. You need to understand gender differences to be able to attract and keep the opposite sex.

Dating Principle #2:

“Women are attracted to men because they’re men.”

Again, this is obvious, right? But I want you to think about it more deeply. Have you ever felt guilty about doing guy stuff? Have you ever tried to tone yourself down so that you wouldn’t offend someone? Have you ever tried to be what you thought a girl wanted – like her best friend – just to get closer to her?

Guys emasculate themselves because they think that’s what women want. But what woman really wants a SNAG? Sensitive guys get put in the Friends Zone!

Most of us have never really learned how to be MEN because our society doesn’t have any clear demarcation or rituals to mark the passage from boyhood to manhood.

But if you’re going to attract women, you’ve got to be clear about what makes you a man. You’ve got to stop apologizing for yourself. You’ve stop putting your head in the sand and letting the advertising media tell you what makes you attractive.

You can’t “buy” what it takes to be a man. You’ve got to EARN it.

Without it, trying to attract women is going to be like trying to hunt elephants with a BB gun.

Dating Principle #3:

“Dating and relationships are about growth and learning, NOT winning and losing.”

Yeah, I’m getting all life-coachy on you here, but this principle comes from Mia and it’s TRUE.

The MINUTE you start thinking of dating in win-lose terms, you basically set yourself up for failure. Any time a situation doesn’t work out, you’re going to see it as a rejection, and you’re going to beat up on yourself, which is going to make you even LESS attractive to women.

Look, you know this, I know this: guys are more attractive to babes when they DON’T GIVE A DAMN.

Why else would women think Rhett Butler was so hot? Come on!

And the best way to stop giving a damn is to stop seeing it as a competition and start seeing it as a learning experience. GROW from every encounter you have with a woman. Don’t let ANY experience go by without learning something from it.

You’ll become IMMUNE from rejection and EXUDE confidence if you can master this attitude.

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David Kwan