I’ve got a question for you if you got the time. I met this girl through friends and co-workers and wanted to win her over. Played the game perfectly, even when she went out with us with another date.

I started hitting on other girls in front of her and later I began to realize that she wanted me even more.

So now we are dating and absolutely love each others company, hanging out almost every night having great sex. After about a month of this she starts avoiding some of my phone calls and is acting very distant.

It seems as if it happened because I got comfortable and stopped using the techniques I had used in the past.

I want it to go back to how it was before, but do not know how to proceed. I see myself giving up. What do you suggest I do.

>>> My Comments:

I feel your pain Brad. And that’s the reason why I have stressed over and over again in our newsletters to NEVER (ever) take things for granted and let your guard down whenever you’re with a girl you fancy.

Guys tend to have this misconception that once they’ve gotten the lay, the prize is won, she’ll stick to you, and everything will be well and dandy and that’s the end to the story but in reality, that’s just not how it works.

The ‘mistake’ you’ve made was just that, you STOPPED using what worked, took it easy, and went back to doing the things every other guy would be doing when they’re in love ie. being a “man-woman” aka. wuss and it became BORING to her…

See, bear in mind that when a girl has agreed to go to bed with you, obviously she’s “feeling it” for you as intense attraction is at play, but don’t forget that a woman is no different from a car that has to be “warmed up” each and every time in order for it to reach it’s optimal level.

The moment you stopped challenging, teasing & playing with her, you became less and less “interesting” and her attraction for you then slowly fades off…

“But when does it all stop then? I don’t like to play games and I just think that relationships aren’t supposed to be kept this way!”

Yes, I do get the occasional question from time to time.

And here’s the thing…

Like it or not, if you look at it on a bigger scale, as long as a woman is not married to you, she WILL be conscious to what’s happening around her, irrespective of whether she’s actively aware of it or not, it does not matter…

She might be in a happy, loving relationship with you, but until the day comes when she is officially married to you, NOTHING is certain.

Guys will still occasionally hit on her & court her, so your ‘game’ has better be on “on” mode to fend off the competition at all times.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying or implying in any way or form that all women are untrustworthy or un-loyal beings; all I’m saying is for you to never let your guard down with her, that’s all.

Again, it doesn’t have to be all “work” with her, I’m not asking you to be all manipulative and mess with her mind all the time when the both of you are together, and that’s the reason I’ve always stressed for you to make it GENUINE FUN whenever you’re with her.

Give all the attention you can give her, treat her like a princess, make her feel wonderful sensations when you’re with her, then leave her for a day or two, give her the ‘gift’ of missing you, let her think & wonder about you, not be all clingy & needy and spend all your available time with her, that sort of stuff, know what I mean?

It’s fun to play such ‘games’ with her, no? And these are the things that makes the relationship more ‘alive’, she’ll never know what to expect from you (which women say they hate, but secretly LOVE at the same time)…

On to the good news…

Your situation is not hopeless. You can STILL turn things around (you already know of the things you’ve done right to get her attracted to you, so the next time she sees you, you’ll just have to amp it up a notch, intensify things; flirt with other women harder when she’s around, let her know what she’s been missing) and do whatever it is you did before to re-ignite her interest, and increase your value in her eyes, etc…

Once she’s back with you, your ‘job’ then is to continuously keep her on her toes and mess with her from time to time.

What you could do also is to INTENSIFY the connection between you both by communicating with her on a more seductive, “sexual” level as well (use these techniques and I ASSURE you, she’ll stay “glued” to you for a long time to come 😉

The best way for you learn this art of teasing, ‘sexy’ interaction with women is to listen ATTENTIVELY to these Advance Communication and Persuasion CDs

Here’s another thing you’d like to know about keeping & maintaining relationships…

Even after she has agreed to be your girlfriend, she still won’t be a 100% sure that you’re “the one” for her.

She’ll be quietly evaluating whether she’s made the right choice hooking up with you from time to time..

Consider it her “trial” period with you.

At least for the next 3 – 6 months with you (this trial window period is subjective, it depends from one girl to another).

Just wanted you to be aware of that.

Hope this helps, and do keep me updated on your progress, buddy!

David Kwan