I often get asked over and over and OVER again by guys wanting to know what is the one ‘secret’ way to communicate with women to create that magical ‘chemistry’.

And the best possible answer for that question is for you to just talk to women the way you talk to your best buds…

Sounds silly, I know but think about it.

Do you ever sit around thinking about a thousand ways on how to get ‘good’ with your friends; trying to suck up to them, complimenting how good your friend looks, how wonderful they are, and so on and so forth…

I don’t think so too.

Instead what do you do?

Well, you’ll just be “you”.

I believe you won’t think twice about how you ‘should’ act around your friends, you’ll be totally relaxed and comfortable around them, you’ll put them down, insult them, joke with them, play dumb tricks on them… right?

And that’s the main reason why you have to stop putting immense pressure on yourself when you’re talking to a woman you want.

PRETEND like she’s just a normal friend… and NOT someone you want to get in the sack with.

Stop thinking of those irrelevant “should I say this to her… would she like it if I act this way… am I being too rowdy if I act this way… she looks like a sweet nice girl — I’ll need to tone down my act… what should I say to make her laugh, how do I make her like me” etc, etc…

But that equation isn’t complete… without TEASING.

Her: “So what do you do for a living?”

You: “I’m a doctor…”

Her: “Wow! So what do you specialize in…?”

You: “Loveee….” (wink)


Her: “Hey ice-cream…”

You: “Oh! So you like ice-creaaaaam eh (wink)

Her: (whacks you)


(If she bends over in front of you and grabs something)

You: “Jamie, could you be so kind as to STOP BENDING OVER LIKE THAT??!!”

Her: “Huh… wh.. whats wrong?”

You: “Your ass is staring at me right in the face!! And it’s… REALLYYYY…. nice ;-)”

Her: (whacks you)

(Caution: Use this ONLY when you know she likes you)

“Girls just wanna have fun”

Heard that before?

Talking to women without “teasing” them is B-O-R-I-N-G.

It’s just your average, everyday, “talk”.

Talking (with teasing) makes it fun, they love it and it’s one of the many ways which attracts them to LOVE having you around.

It’s a form of sexual communication that makes the difference in her treating you as “just another guy” as opposed to her having the “i hate him (but can’t get enough of him) feeling.

Guys who are naturally good with women knows how to communicate to women SEXUALLY; when you’ve got this ‘skill’ mastered, you’ll be AMAZED by how women will respond to your every request…

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Men like to talk about hard facts, women… FEELINGS.

Why do women worship Oprah? Why’d you think they keep staying glued to her talk show even though it’s been like what… 20+ years in the running?

… and it’s still one of the top rated show around the world!

So what makes it so ‘addictive’?

Yeap.. because it CONNECTS with each one of them; women coming on air, pouring their emotions & feelings on current events, social issues, etc…

And how to use this to your advantage?

As you’re talking to her, use phrases like… “so how did it make you feel as you first entered the room…?”

“What was going through your mind when…”

These are words that gets women to open up, reveal & stir all sorts of emotions (which they like) to you…

And mind you, when a women feels comfortable opening herself up to you, your battle is half won. 😉

If you want to be great with women – you’ve got to demonstrate a HIGHER VALUE to her…

Let HER know that she has to impress you instead.

I’ve said this many times before and I’m going to say it again. Let her know YOU are the prize.

When you first approach a woman, if she asks you to do something for her… DON’T.

The single worst thing you can do when you first meet a woman is to COMPLIMENT her.

Because the moment you’ve complimented on how beautiful or how great she looks, she’ll know INSTANTLY that you want her.

And the moment she knows you want her, she’ll have the upper hand (like most hot women always do) and her interest in you fades DRASTICALLY.

Understand that women, especially the real HOT ones who get TONS of guys hitting on them all the time, they secretly want men who are daring enough to CHALLENGE them.

It just makes the ‘game’ more fun for them.

Not some wuss who gives in to all her demands.

To them, that’s plain BORING.

So your job here is to BE that challenge to her.

Bust on her. Make outrageous comments on her appearance. Make fun of her huge handbag, her tennis ball-sized earrings, her ’70s grandma’ style bracelets. Bust on her. And bust on her. And bust on her…

Remember, demonstrate HIGHER VALUE.

It’s essentially one of the core pillars that will help you to truly ‘get’ what REAL ATTRACTION and how it MAGNETICALLY captivates women in whatever size, shape or form.

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As for having to be looking like Brad Pitt in order to be great with women, that’s nonsense.

You see, for AGES, it has never been about being good-looking to be good with women.

I mean, sure it’s a plus point but it’s NOT the single most important point.

For them, it’s more about being with a man who knows HOW to look good, to look PRESENTABLE enough for them… it’s about knowing HOW to look your very best.

With that in mind, the way you DRESS is absolutely CRUCIAL if you want to score valuable points with women.

In case you didn’t already know, women are extremely observant beings.

And they are VERY particular on how a guy dresses and carries himself. In fact, this one small thing goes way up in their “point system” list.

Unfortunately, most guys just don’t get it.

They don’t know what looks good on them.

If you are one of them, take note, ok?

So please be fully WARY of your dress sense when you’re out with women.

Again — its not a matter of being good looking, it’s merely a matter of LOOKING GOOD.

Believe me, they DO matter… more than you’ll ever think!

Again, what’s more important is for them to be with a guy who knows how to make them FEEL good & have a good time rather than someone who’s good looking but doesn’t know the true ins and outs of how to stir up a woman’s feelings of attraction for them.

Good looks can only get you a 5 min head start.

After that, it’s all about how you make her FEEL, how you tease her, how you ‘play’ with her, how you SENSUALLY communicate with her.


I’ll talk to you again soon, buddy.

All the best and take care!

Your Friend,

David Kwan