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>>> Question From Eddie Z

Hi David,

I noticed many times when i see an attractive woman and i am thinking of how to approach her, she knows instantly that i am eyeing her up, and moves away , it is noticeable form her body language that she is closing up.

How do I get round this ?


>>> My Answer:

Yup, reading body language is CRUCIAL as you’re out there approaching women. In your case, were you fidgeting, feeling restless, or were you subconsciously STARING at her?

Glancing at a girl and “staring” means a world of a difference.

If a girl has the slightest hint that you’re staring it her, it’ll surely creep her out and it’s no surprise she might back off and move away the moment you decide to approach her.

With rape cases being reported almost every day, it’s just her basic womanly instinct to protect herself from any possible ‘danger’ that might happen to her…

It’s her natural defense mechanism taking over, hence the reason why you’ve got to get your overall body posture and image as a man to be as UNTHREATENING as possible before you approach women.

Interpreting body language is the first thing women will apply in a man, it’s the easiest to sense, and irrespective of whether you have any ill intentions you have toward her, the moment she feels something is ‘not right’, she’ll withdraw when she has the chance.

Body Language Flirting

The next time a woman catches your attention, glance over at her, look (don’t stare!) right into her eyes, and when her eyes meets yours just SMILE. Raise your glass, wink at her (eases tension and gives you an instant ‘playful’ vibe) and walk straight over to talk to her.

Many things you could say here…

“I’m appalled you by how you were checking me out like I’m some piece of meat from over there… what’s up with that? I’m Eddie by the way…” (She’ll laugh, trust me)

This works… why?

You’re implying to her that SHE was checking YOU out (you were reversing roles)

Your tonality sounded arrogant/funny at the same time & before she could say anything… you neutralized everything else and gave it away by introducing yourself in a ‘cheeky’ sort of way.

You’re going in in various directions all at the same time. It’s gives off a ‘feel good’ vibe and it’s unexpected.

Giving a girl a direct serious expression and suddenly saying & doing the most UNEXPECTED of things works WONDERS to your game.

Alternatively, you could go in with a more direct opener..

“Hey noticed you from over there… so what’s your story?”

It works equally well.

3 second rule applies here. Wait any longer, and I’ll bet you’ll chicken out from talking to her.

Common sense yes but funny how I noticed guys would just notice an attractive woman, look at her a while, and when she looks back, he’ll lose eye contact and look somewhere else.

Minutes later, he’ll look at her, she’ll look at him, and he looks away again.

No eye contact…. BAD.

When eye contact is present, no smile… ALSO bad.

Eye contact yes, smile yes, but sit there and do nothing… that’s the WORST.

It’s vital for you to come across as a SOCIAL person within that particular setting you’re in, that you’re friendly, talkative and is one who smiles, greets and talks to people (even those who don’t know) around you.

Let HER see you’re that sort of person and eventually when you walk over and talks to her, it won’t even cross her mind that you’re trying to pick up her, she might think you’re just being friendly with her.

This is how you come across as “unthreatening” as possible to a stranger.

It won’t look creepy when you talk to her, it certainly doesn’t look like you want something from her.. it’s as NATURAL as it can be using this simple trick.

Having the ability to approach any woman and start conversations with her is to me one of the MOST IMPORTANT skills to have as a man.

When you’ve got this thing mastered, imagine how FUN your life will be, you’ll be meeting more women and having your own CHOICES of women each and every week; I mean what more can you ask for?

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You’ll be an ‘expert’ at meeting women in no time. Don’t forget to send me YOUR ‘success’ story then ok? 😉

David Kwan