Meeting that special someone

You’ve met many people in your life. How
many of them have been your ideal mate? Probably very few. You may
have dated someone very attractive, only to find that they don’t
seem so wonderful after you get to know them. If you’re going to
find Mr. or Ms. Right, you’re probably going to have to go through a
number of people – possibly a large number!

Here are some ideas on how to increase your contacts and find
your partner:

#1: Decide what you want in a partner. Most people spend more
time planning their vacations than they spend planning their

#2: Be open and aware of people around you where ever you go. You
never know when you might meet someone that fits your profile. Also,
be prepared to say “hello”.

#3: Don’t discount any particular method of meeting other
singles. Chat rooms, personal ads, singles organizations, classes,
etc., are all good ways. You’re going to need a large number of
contacts to find the few that fit your goals.

#4: When you go out, dress! This doesn’t mean that you always
need to dress like you’re going clubbing – just dress decently.
Don’t go to the store in sweats with your hair in curlers, and don’t
go to the bookstore in ratty shorts and a t-shirt with holes.

#5: Practice saying “hello” – to everyone. When you’re on an
elevator, or passing someone in the street. First, make eye contact
and smile, and then say “hello”. This is great practice for when it
will be needed.

#6: Let your friends and family know that you’re looking to meet
someone. They may know someone from work or socially whom they think
would work well as a match. Don’t be too picky – you’d be surprised
how well your friends know you!

#7: Get a hobby! By having other things you’re interested in, you
become a more interesting person. As well, you’ll find many
organizations that provide information on those hobbies and might
meet something through them.

#8: Be open – many people unconscientiously close themselves off
to others by averting their eyes, crossing their arms, and turning
themselves away. Be aware of your body’s posture and use it to tell
others that you’re approachable.

Finally, always protect yourself. Remember that the person you
meet on-line or in a supermarket may or may not be the person you
first think they are! Be open to new people, but don’t give people
your home address until after you get to know them.