Most guys have a mind set of when they go out to meet and approach women that it is up to them to do all the work.

Most guys forget that women think the exact same thing. When girls go out they are as interested in getting a date as the guys who approach them.

When a girl goes out she spends double the amount of time we spend getting ready, they are a lot more interested in clothes than we are, they were make up. I hope you get the point.

Women use every measure possible to look good.

Being men we don’t have to go to such measures but we still try are best to impress.

Learning to get out of the mind set that men want to date women more than women want to date men can be difficult. For so long it is we must approach women, we must impress women, if women don’t like us it is our fault.

When you meet new people in work, college, groups how long does it take you to adjust and feel totally comfortable with your surroundings and people around you.

Then imagine when you approach a girl, you have to gain this same feeling of karma in a much less period of time.

Girls are exactly the same. They need to adjust.

Someone they don’t know is speaking to her, she is taking a while to adjust. It is normal.

Most men assume that when you approach a girl and she doesn’t greet you with open arms and a huge smile that you are going to be unsuccessful.

If I counted the amount of women I approached I can assure you that over 70% of them look uptight, nervous and unsure.

That is why you have to use the power of words and body language.

For example if you are going onto a game show and everyone sounds and looks nervous it will in turn make you feel nervous no matter how confident you were feeling before hand.

To be successful with women you have to close the barrier of stranger to friend quickly. The quicker you do this the more successful you will be.

Humor, smiling, eye contact, is all a great way to do this. Confidence makes women feel more at ease.

Chris Fox