There is no cookie-cutter way to interact with women, although most gurus out there would tell you otherwise. On the same note, there’s no way one pick up line will elicit the same response from the women you tell it to.

There are so many secrets that women keep to themselves, and some of the secrets that directly affect your chances of dating each one include:

Her Dating Experience

There are some women who are far too busy with their careers or hobbies to really date for a long time. Some date casually and are open to one-night stands that don’t have strings attached. However, there may be other reasons besides career and what-not for this attitude. The woman could have been scarred for life by the jerk she dated when she was in college, and now she doesn’t believe there’s a decent guy left in the planet.

Another woman may have zero dating experience, and have only had very light courtships with guys that ended up becoming her best friends. She may be thrilled or somewhat amazed at the prospect of a real-life playboy and will fall in love at the drop of a hat (or right after you deliver your snazzy pick up line). The problem is that she may find it difficult to stay in love with a man when there are tons of other men who can deliver better romantic pick up lines.

You can get a clue about the dating background of women by knowing how to read body language, and how to turn the conversation around so that the woman will unknowingly give hints about her dating experiences. It’s very difficult to hide something from a man who has the right skills.

Her Expectations in a Relationship

It’s not difficult to fall in love during sex, but some girls really do expect something else afterward. On the other hand, some women are on the same page as players who don’t want to make a big deal out of a one night stand. You may be in for the shock of your life if a girl suddenly acts like you’re her boyfriend when you were assuming all along that she knows what the ‘rules’ are.

Don’t be like other men who don’t know what to do when faced with women who have expectations. At the very beginning, sense out a woman’s point of view on relationships so that you know where you stand. If you’re into relationships yourself, you will find it easier to weed out the playgirls and find serious-type girls if you know how to read women.

David Kwan