There’s a saying that goes “All men are created equal.” And while that may be true, that is not always the case for LOCATIONS. In sales, they say that having a successful business is about three things: Location, location, location. And if your business is “I wanna meet me a girl!” then the same can hold true.

The location you are in will heavily influence the type of girls you will meet. Not only that, but location also holds sway over how well a woman will receive you. For instance, a woman at a bar will react differently to you approaching her than a woman at a funeral would. In this respect, it is important that you not only find a location where women are plentiful, but one where they are more open to talking to you.

I would also argue that it’s more important to find a place where women are more open to talk to you than a place where women are plentiful, the reason being that women who are more open to talking to you will lead to a more meaningful and successful interaction than a place where there are lots of women, but none of them feel like being approached (thought chances are you will find girls open to talking to you just by the sheer number of women present.)

Regardless, in my estimation, there are only two types of environments where you can pick-up women:

  1. Stimulus rich environments
  2. Low stimulus environments

Typically, stimulus rich environments are places where there will be lots of women, but they may not be as open to talk to you. Places like bars, clubs, and concerts are typically full of loud music, dancing, alcohol, and sometimes even drugs. In places like that, it can be very hard to approach, due to the fact you must compete with so many distractions. However, people in these environments are more open to INTERACTING with others, which is an important distinction to make. By interacting with you, women give you the opportunity you need to get them into an environment where they are more open to talking.

For instance, if you approach a woman in a loud bar and get her intrigued with your Opener, you might be able to get her to follow you to the patio or a quieter place in the club where you can talk to her. In this case, the Opener is opening the doorway for an interaction, not necessarily a conversation. So bars, clubs, and other stimulus rich environments depend on you being able to interact with a girl quickly, intrigue her by presenting a stimulus that distracts her from all the other stimulus in the environment, and getting her into a new environment with fewer distractions.

On the other hand, you have places where it might be easy to engage a woman in a conversation. These are places like coffee shops, bookstores, grocery stores, malls, etc. There are low stimulus environments. In these places, women may be more open to conversation, but less open to interaction. This is because these venues represent places that are “safe” or “average” to people, so the lack of stimulus means they are more accepting of distractions that may come alone (ie, a guy looking to talk to them). But because these places are low stimulus, people are often less open to interacting with others because they are in their “personal bubble.” This means that even if they talk to you and have a conversation with you, they may put up some resistance to interacting with you. However, this resistance can be easily overcome if you know how to engage a woman properly.

So now that you know the two types of environments that exist for Approaching, it is time to find places near you that suit your needs and style of approaching. Basically, look at what your town or city has to offer. Nightclubs and bars are always a sure bet to find women. It’s the low stimulus environments that are tough to peg down. Sometimes restaurants with bars are great places to go, because it’s not quite a bar. Outdoor areas that have many shops around them are good too.

Basically, anyplace you go has the potential to be a good place to meet women. Once you find a good place, familiarize yourself with the location. Become comfortable in it. Figure out the best times to go there.

But most importantly, find a place that’s relatively close to you. Locations that are close by where you live are ideal, because chances are you’ll meet a woman who lives nearby. Not only that, but your chances of getting her to come over and visit you that same day are also high, if you’re engaging and aggressive enough. If the location is too far away, be prepared to settle for a phone number and hope it’s not too far to drive.

All this comes down to is whether or not you can be engaging with a woman and get her intrigued. How’s the best way to do this, you ask? Well, in my opinion, it’s with a good Opener! You can find many different examples of Openers that are proven to work in The Art of Approaching. It that teaches you how to meet any woman, any time, anywhere you may be.