Hey guys,

Today, I want to speak about “chick logic.”

Let me tell you right off the bat- IT’S NOT LOGICAL. Kind of like how GREENLAND isn’t green- it’s ICE.

An oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.

Now, if you go real deep, to the evolutionary levels, there actually IS logic to the way women think, but in today’s society, the way women FEEL attraction is absolutely obsolete and no longer logical at all.

Now, to be perfectly honest with you, attraction is not a very logical thing anymore for either sex, men OR women.

But with men, it’s simple though- see hot woman, feel attraction.

For a woman, however, it’s MORE COMPLEX. Her attraction to you is primarily based on your BEHAVIORS.

And moreover, you’d never guess what these behaviors are using logic !

You see, guys have got their ideas about women all wrong.

For example, a guy thinks, “Hey, this woman is beautiful. If I go up to her and really treat her special, and compliment her, she’ll appreciate it and maybe she’ll go out with me. After all, she can choose ANY guy she wants, doesn’t she want the NICEST guy, the guy who treats her BEST?”

Or how about this:

You get into arguments with your girlfriend. Even though she is just as much to blame for the arguments as you, she blames you completely. You love her, so you decide to give in always in order to prevent making her upset so she will still love you. After all, you don’t want to upset her and push her into the arms of another man. You decide to be the “bigger person”, you call her back, say you are sorry and that you love her and that you just want her to be happy.

She should appreciate this, right? She should want to stay with you, since you are treating her so special and she knows it, right?


See, you’re a guy. Women don’t think this way. And of course, since women feel and think differently, it’s a HORRIBLE idea to use your logic with women.

Women actually are REPULSED by the behaviors described above. That’s not to say women want to be mistreated – they don’t – but they have ZERO attraction to “nice” guys. I use “nice” in quotes because “nice” in this sense means SUBMISSIVE.

A woman will NOT be grateful AT ALL for those submissive behaviors. She’ll actually treat you like dirt if you display those behaviors. Why, why, why, you ask?

Well, women think that “nice” guys are DESPERATE guys. They think “NICE” behavior is DESPERATE, weak, butt-kissing behavior. This is especially true during the initial stages when a guy meets a woman. Later on, you can show occasional acts of “niceness” because you’ve proven you are NOT desperate.

A woman feels that if a guy is actually of sexual worth, if he were desirable, he would never behave so “nicely”- he would never be so submissive. It’s not MASCULINE to be submissive, as I will explain. It’s impossible that a guy could be MASCULINE and yet submissive.

“If he was sexy, he would never be so nice,” is her overwhelming reaction to your “nice-ness”. Logical? Of course not.

But consider this:

One million years ago, life was BRUTAL. SURVIVAL was at stake every day.

There were great challenges- hunting for food, defending against beasts as well as the elements, competing with other men for food and sex. There wasn’t a hell of a lot of room for games. In such an environment, a guy had to be TOUGH.

Now, today, our society’s economic structure has changed, and men don’t hunt anymore to SURVIVE. Men don’t have to constantly have nerves of steel, ready for attack at any moment. But that’s a relatively recent phenomenon in human history. It’s going to take a while (like at least a few thousand years) for women’s sexual drives to catch up and make sense with the times. So you see, throughout history, women that were attracted to “tough” guys and “bad boys” gained tremendous benefits of survival for both themselves and their children. In effect, such women gained immortality in the sense that their DNA would carry on.

The male progeny of women who mated with such men carried on the legacy of their father’s tough survival attributes, and hence SURVIVED till today.

Women that were NOT attracted to such men, i.e. women who were attracted to “nice guys” gave birth to males who were meek like their dad, and who therefore couldn’t survive. This led to an EXTINCTION of women with the DNA that made them attracted to “nice” guys. Yup, no more women left on earth who are attracted to “nice” guys.

Does that mean you have to be a jerk?

No. Absolutely not.

Being a jerk is actually NOT the HIGHEST level of sexual attraction, because it shows a bit of insecurity.

But it is CRUCIAL to always show a woman you possess the characteristics of the man who has SURVIVED for over a million years.

This works on a very subconscious level. A very primal level and POWERFUL level.

Emotional weaklings have the slimmest chance at survival and success. I believe that women, over the course of history, have evolved to become attracted to such men, for it meant a greater chance of survival for their DNA…for their children and their children’s children forever…

The idea that emotional strength is more important than intellect for success in life has actually been documented in book called Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman.

That means that men who act needy and start to call a girl they just met every day, and show her how much they need her, and basically hand over their balls to a woman seem WEAK.

WEAK is not MASCULINE. And to a woman, EMOTIONAL weakness in a man is DEVASTATING to his sexiness. Think of it as being UGLY. When I refer to being weak or strong, I am referring to EMOTIONAL strength. More important than physical strength is emotional strength. By the way, getting JEALOUS or showing jealousy is a sign of weakness as well, because if you KNOW you are desirable, you would NEVER get jealous.

The majority of the time, when a woman tries to make you jealous, it’s just to see if you will react. She wants to see if you are so desperate for her that you will get jealous. And of course, what happens if you get jealous? She feels SHE is in control, NOT YOU. Women want a man who is CONTROL.

By not getting jealous, she sees that YOU are in control, (EMOTIONAL STRENGTH) and presto- she feels ATTRACTION for you.

Of course, if a woman is playing constant games with you, like CONSTANTLY trying to make you jealous, you DUMP her and laugh as she comes running back to you the next week, day, or hour.

The whole issue of jealousy is an important topic, which I cover in detail in my book, but for now, just remember that jealousy is usually provoked by a woman as a TEST to see how much you care about her. If you fail the test and go nuts with insecurity then feels you must be pretty desperate for her.

And of course, this means her attraction for you will WEAKEN.

Now, does this make sense? Not on the surface: Why should a woman try to drive you nuts with jealousy to see if you care?

But in a woman’s mind, the thinking is:



And I want you now to remember something:



Okay, then. So all should be pretty simple, right? Just make sure to BE MASCULINE, right?

To be cool, to take the initiative, to be dominant, right?

Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. Why?



What happens then is that women will use every tactic imaginable, and then some, to get you to believe that they REALLY want you to be SUPER NICE to them.

Yup. They’ll use guilt, they’ll use intimidation, they’ll use blackmail. They’ll even try being NICE to you.

But guess what happens almost INSTANTLY when you become a NICE GUY?

Yeah, yeah, you guessed it.
You get whacked but good.
She’ll ask for you to be even NICER.

i.e., she’ll ask for MORE favors, she’ll ask for more help, and she’ll get less and less thankful as you go along, doing more and more!

And if you keep it up, she’ll leave you!

For all you guys that can confirm this, write in. I seriously want to help as many guys on this planet as possible, and your confirmation here will help me help other guys see that it really is true.

Honestly, when I made the decision to get into this stuff, I made the commitment to NOT HOLD BACK one ounce of truth, no matter what.

By the way, the women who are most upset by what I say are usually THE LIVING PROOF of every word that I write. In other words, they are in love with some BAD BOY and stringing along some nice guy and jerking him around.

And the women who DO agree with me are usually extremely attractive, intelligent, and independent, with a great sense of humor. These women LOVE men who are TOTALLY masculine in their behavior.

When a woman is so confident and attractive, she needs a really emotionally STRONG masculine guy to make her feel FEMININE.

In other words, SEXY women want MANLY MEN and aren’t afraid of behaving like natural MEN. Sexy women LOVE a man who is dominant (I said dominant, not domineering) and who does not need approval from women for everything he does.

But if sexy women want such a man, then why do they also sometimes pressure him to be “NICE”? Because if he is REALLY a MAN, he won’t comply with their B.S. request! The trick is to make sure you REJECT their request in a way that is COOL, SMOOTH and NOT emotional. This is where most guys screw it all up.

Being a man, and being logical, it’s hard to believe that someone who you are close with would be constantly TESTING you to ensure that you are indeed a man! But actually, that’s what’s happening. And you really can’t blame women. It’s the only way they feel attraction, by knowing that their man is indeed a man EMOTIONALLY. Imagine if you could never see a woman’s face and you were going out with her.

You’d do whatever the hell you could to find out if she was attractive or not! You’d become real resourceful in your methods…you might ask if anyone had seen her face, or you might pretend to get all angry and that you’d leave her if she didn’t show you her face, etc.

Women are doing the exact same thing, except for them they need to find out if you are EMOTIONALLY TOTALLY UNSTOPPABLE.

One of the greatest ways of handling a woman’s tests without getting angry is to use humor.

For example, let’s say you’re treating your new girlfriend decently. Not being a “nice” guy, but not being a jerk. And then she starts to complain after a few weeks that she wants you to buy her things, or call her a lot more, or tell her you love her ten times a day, etc., I am telling you that she will actually start to feel LESS attraction if you start obeying her commands.

When you meet a new woman, you have to realize how attraction is triggered. Sure, you can tell your girlfriend of seven months that you love her, but you can’t tell a new girl that you just met that you love her, and certainly NOT THREE TIMES A DAY.

And certainly, if a woman is NOT treating you well, the answer is NOT to become a desperate man and start telling her you love her a lot! As a matter of fact, if she is treating you badly, tell her you love her ONCE for every THREE times she tells you!

She will start to INCREASE her ATTRACTION for you.

Unless your girl is extremely insecure, most times she will just use your extra NICENESS, your submission to her requests, as the beginning of her journey towards completely controlling you.

And when that happens, her good-bye to you forever is coming soon.

So instead, just tell her “So you want me to change the way I call you, huh? Okay, how about I call you Nancy?” Then when she protests, say, okay. “Fine, I’ll call you Angela”.

And on and on and on, and she will get the idea. (feel free to use whatever humor you want, just get the principle here)

But if you get angry, she will just feel like she must really be onto something important and you will reinforce belief that you are doing something wrong.

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Contributed by Michael W, TheDatingWizard