The reverse tractor beam mack was developed by Ron Jule and is probably the best method for reversing a turn down from a chick back into positive ground. This one is great to have on your holster whenever your approach doesn’t go as planned.

The main idea is to approach the chick using the “Hi” method (or any non-generic pickup line method).

If you get turned down in disgust, you then reply to her in even more disgust that she has the arrogance to think that you were trying to hit on her, when you were just trying to have a friendly chat or just making a comment.


Guy: Hi! May I buy you drink? Chick: I don’t go for your type! Guy: Excuse me? (with a disbelief smile) I was just trying to be nice to you by offering you a drink. Where did you get the idea I was after you? I’m just trying to be friendly and chat with you!

At this point, she has two options:

1) to go on acting like bitch like she’s all that (which would make her feel like a real bitch and shallow person)


2) to realize that she made a rather presumptions assumption and try to make amends for her rude reply.

They usually try to make amends by being extra nice to you from that point onward. You can then carry on with you conversation.