Understanding how a female reacts to you can change the way you interact with women. Most men who have trouble landing dates anywhere are making the same mistake. They keep thinking of how they react to women and not the other way around.

That you can influence the way a woman regards you should give you a sense of power. Mindset plays a big role in how you can alter the vibe and adjust to any situation. This principle holds whether you’re talking to a woman in the library or in the club. The technique may simply involve thinking about how nervous she feels rather than how nervous you feel. If you can connect with women anywhere, you have the ultimate power in your hands.

3 Roles of Rapport in Any Interaction

1. An Aphrodisiac

The more you talk to a woman, the more you can make her think that you’re someone she trusts, and someone she can be totally open to. In a relaxed setting, a woman can be playful and lose herself to the fun that you are weaving all around her.

Because you make her feel good just by sitting close and not even touching, she feels that she can get away with flirting with you so that she can make you react to her. This is not a bad thing, is it?

2. A Relationship-Starter

Rapport is something that can start a relationship. Some guys use all the techniques to land a one-night stand, and they don’t care if they build rapport as a foundation for a long term thing or not. But if you’re seriously looking for a girlfriend, you need to lay the basis for something that you intend to make last for a long time.

You can be her best friend and her lover simultaneously. If you can build sexual rapport that can continue to simmer over time, then you can be like the best friend she was missing all her life. Plus, you have an amazingly passionate sexual connection, so you can’t be just friends.

3. A Lifeline in Troubled Times

When you’re in an argument and you feel like you’re stumbling through the dark trying to synch everything together during a fight, you can default to the original rapport you once had with a girl. Once upon a time, you were so happy just talking that you tend to forget the time, and you know she knows it.

If you can shelf the issues for a while to remind her of the connection you have, anything can be discussed in a manner that will not involve cuss words or cutting remarks. This is what it means to charm an ex-girlfriend all over again, and to save a relationship. The main thing is that you start the relationship in the right direction, so you can deal with the hurdles that come along.