Whether you are reading Double Your Dating ( DYD ) because you are in dire straits with your love life or just reading for the fun of it, DoubleYourDating proves to be and entertaining and informative read. The author ( David DeAngelo ) addresses the subject matter at hand very methodically starting from the ‘hunt’ to the ‘kill’; making it easy for readers to absorb and use the key ideas.

double your datingDoubleYourDating focuses entirely on the object of the male attraction – WOMEN… It starts by giving delightful insights into the intricate workings of the female mind, what makes them tick and why the combination of fame, power and money attracts women like magnet…

It then proceeds to give you detailed techniques, coupled with lots of examples for improving EVERY step in your dating game from changing your mindset, building your self confidence and poise, fixing your image, developing an irresistible personality, to building an interesting conversation with women.

The author advocates using HUMOR to attract women plus it STRESSES the importance of voice tone, how women are naturally attracted to deep baritone voice as opposed to whiny high pitched ones.

double your datingHaving said all that, the underlying message of this book is that a man’s greatest asset in his quest for success with women is his PERSONALITY… That; coupled with a great sense of humor is a winning combination that women will find hard to resist.

It also delves into details of the various personalities that appeal to women, how you can combine the good characteristics of each personality to create a unique personality that is yours alone and the CRUX… avoid the personality that turns women off like the plague! Given that all women test men at every stage of a relationship therefore it is vital that men know how to deal with them, and Double Your Dating shows you how… Double Your Dating also points out that a man should always take the lead in a relationship; how he should retain control at all times and how to never take any crap from a woman.

double your datingSex Secrets gives refreshing insight on the issue of sex from a woman’s perspective; delving into details on ways to turn a woman on, build anticipation and enhance stimulation for women. It also gives some interesting ideas on transitioning during sex.

double your dating Bridges is all about how to get over the critical moments in a relationship from the moment you meet to the time you make out. Lover and Provider is about the two main personalities that are successful with women and the breakdowns of the personality types. It also touches on personality traits that fail with women.

This e-book excels in the sense that it not only shows you how to get yourself into the dating game, it does so with a positive approach where a problem in a particular area; say getting women’s number is viewed as a need to learn new skills. DYD likened every step in the dating game to a challenge and if you stumble; just keep practicing until a new skill is acquired.

This way, your odds of being successful with women is increased by leaps and bounds. It also gives you suggestions on the little things like that you could do to fascinate women, like chivalry, cooking and palmistry…

DYD approaches the dating game from a different perspective and I am in agreement with most of what it says. This book is easy to understand in the sense that it gives reader a clear picture of what you’re up against when it comes to dating women. Written in simple language, it not only captures your attention but it is also packed with lots of examples.

You won’t find this kind of information in any other book, download it and start learning these secrets today — right from the privacy and comfort of your computer…

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David Kwan