Q: When and where is the Super Conference taking place?

It will take place in Las Vegas, NV, USA at the Hard Rock Hotel. The exact date is October 9-11 (three days) 2009. We chose Vegas because it’s affordable for people come to Vegas and there are plenty of beautiful women from all across the globe partying it up.

Q: What sessions can we expect at the Super Conference?

What’s great about the Super Conference is that we will have two rooms booked. There will be two sessions running at the same time in the seminar and breakout room.

The breakout room will all be interactive. That’s where people will be able to talk to instructors and work with them on a particular part of their game. These live exercises include:

  • Approaching and Transitioning – Get your approaching skills down!
  • Teasing and Bantering – How to think on your feet and build attraction FAST!
  • Physical Escalation – Touching gets results and prevents you getting in the friend zone!
  • Body Language – Project confidence with your walk, posture, and gestures!
  • Frame Control – Steer interactions the way you want it to go!

The seminar room is where the instructors and guest speakers will reveal their latest breakthroughs, give lectures, and talk about specific topics on dating. Past subjects have included:

  • Social Circle Mastery
  • Advanced Attraction
  • Deep Comfort
  • Inner Game
  • Relationship Management and Multiple Relationships
  • Callback Humor
  • Day Game
  • Strippers and Hired Guns
  • And lots more.

You decide what you want to do because there are always two sessions running at the same time. If you want to work with an instructor, you can go to the breakout room. If you want to listen to a lecture on a specific topic, the seminar room is where you want to be. You can tailor the whole weekend to your own level of game. If you’re new to the game I would suggest you mix it up with breakout and seminar sessions.

Q: Do you need to have taken one of your bootcamps or seminars before you go can go the Super Conference?

It is true that the Super Conference will be covering a lot of advanced techniques and never before revealed secrets. However, you do not have to have taken a bootcamp or seminar of ours to go to the Super Conference. Even if you are completely new, if you take the Gold level (which includes infield) you will get the same experience as a normal bootcamp. The added bonus is that you will work with more instructors than a normal bootcamp, so you will get to see a lot of different styles of game and get feedback from a lot of different instructors.

One day before the start of the Super Conference we have set up an optional introductory program for new students. The Head Start seminar is about getting the foundations of solid game right. It will allow you to walk into the Super-Conference confident that you fully know and understand the underpinnings behind the game and to enable you to get the most out of the advanced theories that will be put forth throughout the weekend.

Q: Will there be a DVD of the Super Conference?

Short answer: no.

When we release our latest breakthroughs, we want to keep it to the people who will be at the [[Super Conference]]. Normally we release sensitive information only on the Lounge, a private forum for people who have done training with Love Systems, but we will be discussing all new theories, routines, and techniques in person at the Super Conference. That’s why we have people sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to prevent our secrets and breakthroughs from leaking to the public.

Q: It’s too expensive for me. Anything I can do to still make it to the Super Conference?

We understand that in this tough economy money can be tight. We normally don’t offer payment plans but we want to help men out as much as we can so we are making an exception for this Super Conference.

If you can’t afford the Gold level ticket, you might want to consider the Silver level ticket. You can attend and participate in all seminars and live exercises, and are only restricted from the night-time bar and club live training.

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Here are some reviews of students on the past Love Systems Super Conferences.

Sinn – One of my favorite things about Super Conferences is being around all of the instructors. Every one of them is a really cool guy. Can’t wait till next year!

Psilite – I had a lot of fun and thought this whole Super Conference was genius! Especially the way the rooms were set up. There was A LOT of information that was gold in the entire Super Conference! Much of it helped me a lot when I went out that same day. I wish I had a gold or higher ticker to go out with the instructors.

J The Ripper – My brain is still on overload as I’m trying to sort out all the knowledge that was handed down by the Love Systems instructors. They had a really cool format where you could basically choose your own schedule. The upstairs auditorium was dedicated to seminars, which was one speaker after another. Each speaker would discuss a different topic (ie Approach Anxiety. Routines, Day Game, Qualification, 10 Min. lays, Female Psychology, etc…) The side room and downstairs room were dedicated to group exercises, where the instructors would go over a certain aspect of game, and then coach you on it and give you instant feedback (teasing and bantering, storytelling, frame control, etc). I had a great time and recommend everyone check it out next year.

Capo – What can I say? I mean… the Super Conference offered way more than I thought, I mean, it was way better than I had anticipated, even having read all of what was posted on the site. I thought it was going to be a really fun and educational weekend… it turned out to be one of the funniest and coolest (educational as well) weekends I’ve ever had, it was really awesome. Every single instructor that took the stage or got to be in charge of the workout room was very knowledgeable and they all took as much time as needed to answer all the questions they were being asked. The Super Conference was awesome, I met a lot of really cool guys and got to hang out with some of the best instructors in the world, what more can I ask for?

SirSlick – Whatever you want, LS has instructors that are experts on different areas and you can just walk up to them and ask them whatever you need to know. I never had the idea that the instructors “were better” than the attendees. My impression of them was they were genuine in helping people and were just like “us”. I’d highly suggest for everyone to get a SC BC, it’s worth the money. I’m college student and tight on money, but the investment was totally worth it. It totally opened my reality on what I can do now and in the future. The BC definitely cut my learning curve by several months up to maybe a year, because it eliminated two sticking points and now I know what weaknesses I have in my game. With that I also have exercises and notes on how to improve my success with women.

Goodrake – While it’s great to hear someone talk about it, seeing the instructors do it, answer questions, and then watch and evaluate as the students did it was a great learning process. Almost without exception each of the presenters showed both a real depth of knowledge and experience about the subject matter, and a genuine passion for sharing this with the attendees and seeing it benefit them. If you come to one of these or a bootcamp, be sure to be prepared to take a lot of notes, in a quick and organized fashion. When the instructors are in their groove, the information is flowing. If knowledge is water, think of it as trying to drink from a fire hose. Even though I’ve been studying and applying this stuff for about a year, there’s still plenty of new insights to be gained from attending, as well as retouching on foundational stuff, and the occasional “light bulb over head” moment, when the clouds part and you see something you didn’t see before. How much is a “breakthrough” worth to you?

Monk – As I began talking to other attendees, I realized the lengths community members were willing to go to to attend this event. I met guys from all over CA, from the east coast, and instructors from London, Sweden, Paris, Thailand and other exotic locales. Everyone. Thank you. My life is different. Fears and doubts I’ve had since adolescence are gone, perhaps forever.

Guythano – I really had quite a bit of fun, but more importantly conquered some sticking points. It all just suddenly clicked. A week after I returned, it just started raining women. I would just like to thank everyone again for all their efforts to make the super conference possible and if you have the chance to go, I highly recommend that you do!

Xander – Let me just say that Love Systems truly is dating science. It’s an accurate term. It’s the most cutting edge, advanced stuff around and it’s constantly being refined by great tactical seducers. Overall a life-changing weekend and a total bargain.

Jiggawha – I was so surprised at everyone’s high levels of positive energy, and when I heard the instructors speak, I was instantly blown away. Every word that they spoke struck me with an “AHA!” moment, and shot my motivation up the roof. They were so down to earth that I felt I had a chance of becoming like them. I had already gotten my money’s worth. I usually never talk to my parents deeper than an informational level, but I called my mom Monday night, and we had a deep conversation for half an hour about my life and about her’s. It literally almost brought me to tears when I got off the phone with her; also making me realize how much I’ve changed over this past weekend. She told me how much she enjoyed the conversation, and I agreed. A conversation beyond an informational level hasn’t happened in over 5-10 years. Before that, I had dinner with a good friend of mine and we also had a really deep conversation about everything. He commented on how very different I am now, after coming out of this conference. All the attendees and instructors have changed my life and my eyes have been opened to new perspectives once more. Coming into the conference, I couldn’t even open a set properly, but after that first failed set, the learning has never stopped. Every single one of you has had an impact on me. Life has meaning again. Thank you so much.

Cleanface – The conference this year was nothing short of amazing! What an awesome event!

Zyder – The Love Systems Super Conference in Vegas was a really exceptional experience. Considering that I only first started reading Magic Bullets on my flight over from Paris then to say I was a newbie to all this material would be a bit of an understatement! The seminars covered pretty much every aspect of gaming women. Three days of seminars with the instructors often around and between sessions to answer your questions was such a great deal. I was genuinely shocked by how articulate and knowledgeable the instructors were.

Tenorio – I walked away from EVERY presentation having learned something — and that’s saying a lot, since I’ve read everything. Going out both nights in Gold Level groups…well, I don’t know what to say. There’s no better way to put theoretical lessons into action than through practice, and Gold Level was a perfect way to do this. I left the weekend with some sticking points nailed and a concrete game plan for my evolution going forward. There’s not much more I could ask for.

SSnake – There was lots material that I had never heard or read and getting it straight from the horses mouth made all the difference. Of course, there is already more good material on-line, in books, and on CD then you could ingest in a life-time. I went to actually hang out with these instructors and network with other students. You can’t get that from media.

If you want to attend the biggest dating conference, you better sign up NOW. There are only a finite number of seats available and seats will be selling out soon.

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