Are you clueless whether your partner is flirting with you or not? It is actually very easy to know if you know what signs to look for.

To help you, here are some of the most positive signs that indicate it is time to flirt back.

Good Eye Contact

Gazing (not staring) into someone’s eyes is a good sign. To be more specific, look for lingering glances and extended eye contact.

Leaning Forward

Making the space between you two smaller and cozier signals that interest is on the way up and walls are on the way down. The closer you are with each other, the better.

Relaxed Posture

Sitting or standing comfortably and breathing smoothly indicate that your date is open and non-defensive. If you see this, it is time to take your game up a notch higher because you will surely be rewarded afterwards.


Blushing is one of the most common signs of flirting. It is a bodily function that we cannot control. Therefore, it is a very good sign that the other person is interested with you, more often than not, romantically.

Hands on Hips

Putting one’s hands on the hips is not only a sign of confidence, but also of interest. This is very common especially among men. This may be one way to show his “macho” side.

Palms Up

Open hands indicate a warm and receptive heart. It also means that your partner is very comfortable with you.

Head Tilting

Tilting of the head is a sign of flirting because it shows interest. Specifically, when the person tilts his/her head towards you, it shows the desire to be closer and to listen intently. Moreover, it may mean that the person is very much attuned to you, which is, of course, a good sign.


If the touching is warm rather than suggestive, contact is being made. Small, light and gentle touches are very good signs.


If your date nods periodically as you speak, you’re on the same wavelength. It also means that he/she really wants to know you better.


Mirroring is unconsciously reflecting each other’s behavior like leaning forward at the same time, breathing in sync, crossing the same leg over the other at the same time or speaking in the same tone means that you’re attuned to one another.

This phenomenon is usually seen in couples who have been together for a while. In time, two people can develop a special connection that makes them copy their partner’s actions.


Just like mirroring, synchronization means you are in sync with one another. This includes simultaneous breathing and blinking.

If you see the following actions, then, your partner is flirting with you and that romance is still definitely in the air.