Have you ever been in a situation wherein you do not know for sure if another person is flirting with you, or just being generally nice? If yes, then you’re not alone. A lot of us have been put to awkward situations where we cannot decide if it’s proper to flirt back or not.

If this is your problem, don’t fret. All you need is to know the most common body languages that are actually telltale signs of flirting. By doing so, it will be easier for you to handle any situation.

  • Extended eye contact- If another person establishes eye contact with you while conversing, it is, of course, natural. However, if it is extended eye contact, it is most likely his/her way of flirting.
  • Light touching- Casual touches during conversations wherein they are not necessary may indicate romantic interest. Gentle touches may mean that the other person is interested.
  • Playing with one’s hair- Just like light touching, playing with the hair (usually subconsciously) shows interest. Although, it may also mean lack of self-confidence.
  • Moving closer to you- In general, people tend to move closer to someone they like. It is therefore another body language that may indicate flirting.
  • Subtle attempts to get attention- If you like someone, it is very common to do something to catch their attention. These subtle hints may be as simple as smiling across the room.
  • Arched eyebrows- One of the most common signs of flirting is arching the eyebrows. This action means that your date is focused and very smitten with you.
  • Use of special voice- If your date uses a “special sweet voice” when talking to you, there is a big chance it’s a sign of flirting. This is especially true if this “voice” is exclusive for you.

Aside from the body languages listed above, here are some other actions that you need to look out for.

  • Rubbing eyes = Doubt
  • Biting fingernails = Insecurity
  • Stroking chin = Trying to make a decision
  • Drumming fingers = Impatience
  • Hands on hips = Aggression
  • Tugging at ear = Indecision
  • Rubbing nose = Lying
  • Hand on cheek = Evaluating all the options
  • Walking briskly = Confidence
  • Rubbing hands together = Anticipation
  • Walking with hands shoved in pockets = Dejection

Flirting should always be fun. If you are not sure whether the other person is flirting with you or not, just check out the list above. Good luck!