Let me ask you a quick question…

When’s the last time you saw a beautiful woman on the street, and you would have LOVED to talk to her and get her phone number — but you DIDN’T make a move?

Don’t feel bad about it. This happens to most guys every day! And the reason they don’t act is because PARALYZING THOUGHTS run through their mind:

  1. “She looks busy, I shouldn’t bother her.”
  2. “She probably has a boyfriend.”
  3. “I wouldn’t be her type.”

Or, you use the classic excuse:

“I’d like to talk to her, but I don’t know what to say…”

OK. I get it. Most guys find a reason NOT to approach. But you CAN learn how to approach women on the street and get phone numbers, dates, and SEX very easily! You just need to use the right approach tactics.

If you get scared or nervous when you see a hot girl you want to talk to, it’s because of one thing:


You feel that the outcome is uncertain — and you probably imagine a NEGATIVE outcome. (You walk up and say hello, she turns her back and walks away…)

Well, you don’t need to worry any more. Use this simple trick and follow-up strategy, and you’ll know how to approach women on the street in a fun, confident way.

It begins with EYE CONTACT.

We all know eye contact is important when you’re engaged in a conversation with a girl, but when you want to know how to approach women on the street you’re going to use it in a different way.

When you see a cute girl on the street, simply LOCK your eyes on her…and when her eyes meet yours, SMILE and give her a slight nod of your head.

If she smiles back, she is giving you a clear signal that she is open to being approached by you.

I’m not saying this is a guarantee that she wants to go home with you and bang you — but with this eye contact and smile you have ALREADY broken down an important barrier, and if you then use the RIGHT approach she will welcome the chance to talk to you.

If she avoids eye contact with you — or she makes eye contact, but looks away quickly and won’t smile — then you can just assume she’s busy with her own thoughts, and you can move to someone else.

BUT if she makes eye contact and smiles at you — then she’s “fair game.” You’ll want to approach and use the “stealth technique” that I teach in my program (along with many other approach openers for virtually any situation).

This stealth opener is so clever, and so effective, that I always teach it to my students who want to know how to approach women on the street.

Yes, it WORKS — but after you use it, you’ve got to know how to BRIDGE into the right kind of conversation so that she sees you as a fun, playful, confident guy who is not easy to impress.

Dean Cortez