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How to Talk To Women

How successful a man is with women largely depends on how well he gets his message through to them.

That's right ... How to Talk To Women

Some would argue that looks carry the most weight but I beg to differ. I am not denying that looks won't get you anywhere but the fact is that looks can get you somewhere but cannot keep you there! The analogy is akin to looks will take you through the main gate but the front door can still slam on your face !

Ever wondered what a luscious looking babe is doing hanging out with a guy who looks like he is in need of a reconstructive surgery? To add salt to the wound, she is hanging on to his every word, giving him her undivided attention like he is delivering a prophecy! And she's got this adoring look in her eyes, gazing at him in admiration and laughing at his every joke.

The worst joke here is on you, the average looking guy who stands across the street gazing at the babe longingly and wondering why God? Why him and NOT ME??? This is just so unfair… What is a pig like him doing with a heaven sent girl? Then you are wondering if she is blind or perhaps he's filthy rich (this part is for self consolation!).

Well, you could be right but what are the odds that every dumb looking guy you meet who has a hot date is filthy rich? Has it ever crossed your mind that there could be something more to these guys that draws in the women other than well, perhaps his bank account !

Take a closer look; watch how this guy interacts with the woman. Take the cue from there. Guys like 'him' have usually perfected the art of communication or rather the art of talking to girls. They don't clam up and freeze at the sight of a girl and most of all, their brains don't slam on the emergency brakes when a girl smile in their direction or start a conversation !

But that is soooooooooo…. difficult, you'd whine! I can't help it if my brain wants to hit the brakes! Well, the choice is yours, either you can carry on wallowing in self pity and hope that one fine day, you'll wake up with girls flocking all over you (fat chance!) or you can take some initiative and improve your communication skills.

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Now that you know how to talk to women, let's take a step further and look at some of the ways to increase intimacy with women …

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