All set for that great date again ?

You must definitely be hoping that this one is better than any of your previous dates, if not as good.

How many times do you find yourself falling short of ideas on a date? The answer is that you do on most occasions. More often than not, you might find yourself and your date spending speechless minutes on the phone deciding what to do on the date. It all depends on which date it is with this guy/gal.

Is it the first date with him/her ?

In that case, you might want to stick to the tried and tested top three date ideas of a walk to the park followed by a movie and dinner at a nice restaurant. It gives you options to talk, get to know each other, relax in each other’s company and enjoy the day as well. However, if this is not your first date with this person, there are chances that you might know what his/her likes and dislikes are. So you could plan something up accordingly.

Just remember, if you fail to get the date interesting, you will not get the second date.

The Idea

There are loads of fun date ideas to choose from. One of the most unique and exciting date ideas is to plan a treasure hunt.

Now this is definitely not run of the mill stuff. It includes a lot of pre date work as well. But the result can be memorable.

To begin with, select a location where you will have the date. This can be done both indoors and outdoors. Plant clues in the form of chits or some tokens around the place with each clue having a hint or a puzzle to get to the next one. If it is done indoors, the only negative aspect is that you will not have the fun of open atmosphere.

But if you plan it outdoors you run a risk of losing or misplacing some of the clues that you will hide at places. This can be more annoying.

Imagine your date finding four or five clues and reaching the place, only to find that the next clue is misplaced. It is advisable to go for the indoor version, as it will provide you with privacy and thus freedom to be yourself.

The Mystery

Be with your date when he/she finds each clue and unravels the mystery of getting to the next clue. Do the part of the active cheerleader during the entire course of the date. Also, remind your date that the treasure is worth all the wait and effort. Adding small gifts in intermittent clues can be fun and will pep him/her to get to the next. You can also provide assistance to your date if he/she gets stuck at some point.

The Treasure

Make sure that the treasure is as memorable as the hunt. You do not want your date to hunt the entire day for something paltry. Spice things up a bit. Get a fake pirate chest and hide the gift in it. The gift should be something your date really wants or something that you both can enjoy .Use your imagination, be creative, and come up with a hamper of his/her favorite things. Or you may plant a dinner voucher at the best restaurant in town.

In the end you will definitely find yourself more close to this person than you were earlier. If things work out as planned it will be one of your best dates ever.

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