When Women Want to Have Sex With You

How do you know when a woman is making advances to sleep with you ?

Some women seem to do the things that you think mean they want sex, like invite you to their apartment after a date, but what does that behavior really mean ?

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re confused about the signals she’s throwing off at you, and you’d like some better indicator as to whether you should try to sleep with her. Is that it ?

This is interesting, because there are typically two sides to this situation:

  1. The guy is aggressive and goes forward – often times too far too fast – to get sex from a woman. He gets rejected out of haste and poor approach.
  2. The guy is watching for every indication to go forward before he actually tries. As a result, even when she does want sex, he misses out by not taking an opportunity when she presents it.

It’s tough. How do you REALLY know when she wants sex with you ?

Some guys will interpret her inviting him inside as meaning that she wants to get naked and do the wild mambo. Others will not believe she’s really into it or wanting them unless she’s tearing off her own clothing.

Well, consider this: It’s rare that a woman will want sex with you while you’re not in the preliminary stages of touching and foreplay.

She’s not just going to walk across a room and reach out to tell you to bang her.

She’s usually going to need a good amount of warming up before you get on the raceway. Even if she has mentally made up her mind to sleep with you, you would still have to go through the physical motions of the initial steps.

When a woman puts you in a circumstance where sex is possible, it does NOT mean that sex is ASSURED. She’s only giving you an opportunity to move forward and progress.

When a woman invites you up to her apartment, she’s not saying she WILL have sex with you. She’s only leaving the possibility open, which is always hers to revoke. The opportunity is there, if you know how to take it.

It’s up to you to watch for and use the opportunity.

Now, your goal is still the same. You must WORK to the goal if you want to sleep with her. Your effort translates into sexual gratification.

In another way: You will still need to go through the progressive steps of seduction.

When you’re in her apartment, you need to go from getting the drink or ice-breaker over to sitting on the couch. Try to get music going. Then get to touching. Then to kissing.

From there, you need only handle the progression the way I’ve instructed in the e-books to keep things moving toward your goal.

Once you’ve worked through the physical steps, moving two steps forward, one step back the whole way, you’ll get the true indications as to whether she will sleep with you.

(Just make sure you’re prepared for the event when it happens…)

You see, you’re going to do one of two things when it comes to meeting women and seduction :

  1. Learn because you had the sense to build and invest in your own understanding – possibly because you wound up getting the crap kicked out of you by the women out there, or
  2. NEVER learn – and suffer for the rest of your life.

And I’m not talking about learning some weird voodoo ritual that hypnotizes her with special magic words – because THEY DON’T EXIST! Beware of the snake oil out there that promises you INSTANT success with women. That only happens in porn movies and with hookers.

Men have also been taught that if we’re not successful with women, it’s THEIR fault. “I just can’t understand WOMEN.” “WOMEN are so different.” “I just don’t get why WOMEN act so strangely.” “She must be a lesbian.”

No, she’s probably NOT a lesbian, dude. (Even if you hope to watch her with another woman.)

The truth is that women are acting just fine. Women consistently misbehave in ways we can analyze and understand. We men are simply not learning enough about THEIR motivations, or what actually is going on beneath the surface.

That’s where The Seduction Method comes in. Imagine getting 300 pages of top-quality advice and in-depth strategies to turn your game around with women. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate addition to any man’s library ?

If there’s one book in the world you would love to have, wouldn’t it be this? Learning how to finally get your dating and sex life under YOUR control.

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