How To Tell If Your Husband Is Cheating On You

Is there any hard or fast rule to tell if your husband has strayed? Some would blame it on the seven year itch but the truth is it can happen any where and at anytime. Irregardless of what others may say, you can safely deduce that something is amiss when there is a change in his routine.

Although there is no fix pattern in the change of routine or behavior, here are some of the tell tale signs that your husband is cheating on you …

First signs of cheating are usually the sudden onset of working overtime and emergency meetings but that overtime never show up on his pay check. This will eventually lead you to ask yourself if your husband is cheating… How do you check if he is cheating ? Start with the obvious, check his car and see if you can find strands of hair that sure as hell don’t belong to you. Next check his shirts for lipstick stains and see if he comes home with the smell of unfamiliar perfume! On top of that, if there is sudden influx of business trips and he starts saying he’s had a long day and is very tired when you want to talk or when he evades from directly answering your questions, you were right in sensing that your husband is indeed cheating on you.

That coupled with frequent phone calls on his cell where the caller hangs up when you answer; is bad news. You can be sure something is definitely amiss if he starts disappearing into the next room after picking up late night calls, and when you walk in, he’s talking on the phone with a slow tone with a silly smile plastered on his face. Soon, you’ll find that he is practically glued to the computer after you have gone to bed; religiously burning midnight oil in front of the computer and if you want to check if he is cheating, check his email… An empty Inbox smells fishy and just reinforce the fact that he has something to hide.

At one point or another Mr. Sloppy dresser will suddenly develop an obsession with his appearance and next thing you know, you find a shirt or a tie that you did not buy for him. How to you catch a cheating husband then ? When’s he’s without his shirt, check for unexplained scratches or bruises on his neck and back. If you are on the pill, check and see if he’s carrying a condom. If these two adds up, you can bet your last dollar that he is definitely cheating on you. When a husband is cheating, he will be less comfortable around you and would probably avoid sex altogether. Either that or your man who is not sexually adventurous suddenly becomes very eager to try new positions.

When he starts removing child seats and toys from his car, you should be on red alert! The change in attitude will not only be directed towards you but also towards everyone at home. The change in behavior may be gradual and subtle that it takes you a while to realize what is happening.

Another tell tale sign of a cheating husband is when your husbands stops communicating with you and pick fights instead which often ended up with him stomping out of the house after declaring that you are difficult and impossible. It’s like he’s trying to unload the guilt to you instead or trying to justify to himself the reason why he had strayed.

There you have it… the list of things to look out for if you suspect that your husband has cheated on you. Not all cheating husbands have affair, some could just be an ONS. Early detection could help salvage your relationship, so it pays to be more attentive.


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