How to Pick Up Asian Women

First off just want to say regarding your post about certain women including Asian women what they tend to look for is the ‘nice guy’ I think this is spot on.

You see I am only interested in Asian women but have in the past hit on other girls using cocky and funny and it has worked wonders that have not to say that it doesn’t work with Asian women but like u said I think they are looking for other forms just as much.

I was just wondering if you could tell me ways in which I could incorporate being nice as I am so use to being cocky.

I know you touched on it about asking questions subtly to get an idea of what she s about and what she likes but I was wondering if there were any additional?


Jay from UK

>>> My Answer:

That’s the thing I’ve been trying to stress within all my materials as well as newsletters is the fact that every girl is DIFFERENT.

There’s never one single “technique” that works well with ALL women.

If it’s as simple as that, OMG then all I’d have to do is to use negs all the time and I’d happily be banging every single chick I see… heck, if that’s the case I’d think every guy reading about Ask Men would be able to bang them lol!

Just like Suzy more “into” horror movies, Debbie’s into “romance” movies and Jasmine’s into comedy movies.

They have different likes/dislikes.

Certain Asian women who are seldom hit on by guys are sometimes more subdued, the key is to be LESS cocky with them but KEEP amping up the “funny” and the “energy”, stop busting on them so much, as you might just scare them off.

When you’re too “cocky” with them, they’ll be going “geez. This guy is so full of himself” and no, they DON’T like that and will walk away.

Asian women are different.

And I want to point out that this has a lot to do with their social upbringing – see, you’ve got to understand that most of them were brought up watching local drama romantic serials in which the lead guy will treat her like GOLD, submitting to her needs, doing whatever he can to be the “sweet”, “caring”, kind hearted guy, who KEEPS showing her his affections 9even when she has said “no” for about 100 times… he’ll keep at it until he’s “touched” her heart.

They’re being to CONDITIONED to such an act of courtship that they subconsciously EXPECT the very SAME thing to happen to them.

Not some cocky-ass guy with fancy pantsy lines.

So the best way to understand her is to casually observe her ACTIONS.

As you know, some women are quite ILLOGICAL. They can say one thing, and mean another. With that in mind, forget asking her what she wants.

It’s always in her ACTIONS that reveal everything.

And how do you do that?

Simple. Try being cocky on her, then see how she reacts; you can see it in her eyes, body language, the tone of her voice, etc.

If she’s responsive, you up the notch a little, and a little…

If she keeps quiet and doesn’t say much, you’ll know she’s not responding. And when you know it’s not working, throw it out, and use another ‘technique’ on her.

Use story telling for example. And test it again.

Long story short, assume nothing, and test EVERYTHING.

Use the ones that work, throw out the ones that doesn’t.

And amp up the ones that work on her like hell! =)

Of course if you think that’s too much work, always remember, KINO.

Always keep your time with her fun, poke her when she makes fun of you, grab & hug her from behind when you’re back from the gents, thumb wrestle with her, etc…

If you want to know what’s my favorite ‘trick’, then for me, it’s DEFINITELY gotta be using Kino =)

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David Kwan

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