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How To Have Sex Discreetly

You know everyone likes to have sex but not everyone wants their sexual preferences cascaded or revealed. People often fantisize about who they want to make love to while they are making love to their lovers.

Of course that has to be done discreetly because you don't want to blurt out the wrong name. When someone ask to have sex with you discreetly what they mean is "screw the hell out of me but don't you dare tell anyone", so here are some tips on having sex secretly.

1.) Tell only your closest friend where you are going and when to expect you back. Just incase something out of the ordinary happens. (there are a lot of weirdos out there)

2.) Be on time. In order for this to work you both must be on time. Timing is very important because if your partner is married or just wants a quick rendavou they can't afford to hang around and wait on you (they may be seen) while sitting parked and waiting or they could start to feel unappreciated and just split.

3.) Be clean. Just because someone meets you for secret sex doesn't mean that you take five laps around the track and let the time catch up on you. Take a bath and put on nice smelling cologne or perfume but don't over do it. Ladies take a douch and don't sprinkle powders all over the coochie so we can't enjoy the taste of your coochie, please.

4.) Respect your partner. Don't mistreat your partner just because they agreed to have sex with you diecreetly. Remember they belong to some one else not you.

5.) Be honest no one wants to have your disease or colds if you have to cancel a secret date set-up a last minute way out. EX. email me by 0:00am/pm if you can't make it. otherwise you are expected to be there.

6.) Use protection if your problem is like mine then shop around for a larger condom an use a very good brand. Remember be safe you both can't afford to take VD back to your love ones.

7.) Be Discreet as agreed upon. Again be sure to tell a close friend where you're going and when to expect you back. You don't have to tell them why you're going to this area just that you will call them as soon as you return and what to do if your phone call doesn't come.

Contributed by Jack

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