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  From: David Kwan

  Date: Sunday, June 25 2006



Dear valued subscriber,

his will be the most "useful" diagram you ever seen this year.


BUT ... it is the simplest yet most powerful model practically ANYONE can follow and succeed.

Long story short, I got this diagram from The Venusian Arts Handbook and I was shocked after digesting the details that Erik had laid out in his handbook.

Now, let's take a look at the nice M3 Model diagram. ( it is not ugly at all ! )

Cited from "The Venusian Arts Handbook" by Erik von Markovik.



In case you don't know, Erik von Markovik 'Mystery' is the creator of the immensely popular "The Mystery Method" system which has helped thousands of ordinary people using his secret techniques to attracting and seducing women for years now...


Let me briefly explain what is a M3 model.


The above diagram shows a M3 model of courtship. 


It is the most revolutionary technique the dating community had ever seen. 


It  illustrates in details the interaction between man and woman in each phase and lead you step by step on how to tackle each of the steps effectively from initial approach to getting laid !


No Seduction Book Has Cover This Topic In Such Details !

By the way, the information I mention here are just a tip of the iceberg. 

You can now access the most comprehensive step by step guide for attracting, dating and seducing the most beautiful women in the world ...


Happy Hunting !

David Kwan


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