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On New Yearís Day I was curious, so I logged on to to see whether or not women would respond quickly to emails I sent them. My gut told me that people would be furiously trying to get a jump on the year because it had just started the new year.

I know women upon the beginning of a new year tend to think ďItís a new year. Iím going to meet somebody, and Iím going to make it happen as quickly as I can to start the new year off on a good note.Ē So I logged on to and, sure enough, there were seven emails by 4:00 that afternoon.

January is what I call ďthe post-New Yearís resolution dating month.Ē Everyone has a fresh new attitude. Something about the calendar changing gives people the illusion that things are going to be different.

So the first thirty days of the year, everyoneís got a new attitude. Some people will keep that attitude longer. Some people will quit within the first two weeks and get frustrated again.

Keep in mind that even though itís a new year, you still need to have the skill set to intrigue women Online. What I mean, is that just because you decide to send out a lot more emails doesnít mean that women are going to respond to them.

Do you know that there is something I use that gets a response virtually every single time I am looking at women Online? It is an email (which you should feel free to use). Iíll come back to what that is in a minute.

When I am Online, I search through the women I can see have viewed me. I donít run a search for women. I find women who are actively dating and whom have viewed my profile. The reason for this is if a woman is actively dating, then she is open to dating and will be a lot more receptive to your email.

A lot of women like to look, but theyíre afraid to make the first move. So think of it this way: By only looking at the women who have viewed your profile, itís no different than walking into a bar or supermarket, seeing a woman check you out with some nice eye contact, and then you make the first move.

Online dating works when you keep it simple and state the obvious . . . just like in real life. Women respond to the same emotional trigger points Online as they do offline.

So what do I do Online that works for me most of the time? Now, granted, I donít know what your profile or your pictures look like, so that also has a lot to do with it. Anyone who seriously wants a great profile in 2008 can check out my profile writing coaching package.

So letís go back to what works. I look at who has viewed me, I pick out the one or two to whom I am most attracted, I read their profile to see if I like them, and then I write them this email:

Subject Line: I see that you Ö

Body: Ö stopped by my profile and did not even say hi. I know you have more manners than that I had some good music on and a nice glass of wine waiting for you. All you had to do was say hi and the conversation would have flowed from there! By the way, the dog does not bite, so next time feel free to stop in. David

This email does a few different things. First, itís unique. Second, it challenges her. Itís like you caught her peeking at you, and you are calling her out on not being gutsy enough to contact you first. She may not have contacted you first. Because youíre being different, funny and unique, though, she is not going to be able to resist the challenge.

Women love to be challenged. Most guys will go in with an absolutely boring, monotonous email. This email is so different that women have to respond.

Women want you to be a challenge. They want to be able to look at you and respect you. This is like emotional teasing.

Itís no different than walking over to a woman in a bar and saying ďI caught you checking me out. Are you going to do something about it or are you going to just stare at me?Ē By doing this, you are going to intrigue her more than any other guy has before.

Think about it. Do you want to stand out Online . . . or do you want to be just like everybody else?

My mastery series will teach you how to stand out online and offline. And why ever be like everyone else can when you be the best.

Click here for that experience.

Today's video will go deeper into how to seduce her online.

David Wygant


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    By Atobatele

2011-09-06 13:39:04

Guy i feel the text as if am in spirit,how i wish u could get me text to my email on how to woo a girl you meet for the first time.

    By Sandy

2011-03-12 11:11:18

Hi its time to be open abt me,,i want totalk gals but whenever i go for it is redirectly give punch on my face of courage...

    By Domingo

2010-09-23 11:59:28

Hi i want 2 know how to approuch girls and what to say' without being shy

    By Linda

2009-07-28 05:23:39

Your kinda interested in the picture and profile, how do you get a guy to ask you out or should we just be agressive enough to ask them out ourselves.

    By Jonathan Ortiz

2008-11-30 23:36:14

I actually had a question but i dont know were else i could send it and i need help with a girl. Please write back your friend Jonathan Ortiz

    By kwame

2008-08-26 14:12:25

i really like it

    By Johnny Blaze

2008-06-26 20:59:17

Good stuff! It's similar to the approach propagated by John Alanis of Women Approach You. I also recommend a great book by Dr. Victoria Zdrok "Dr Z on Scoring", it has been my dating bible.

    By taylor

2008-02-03 18:04:36

i'm looking for awsome girl

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